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How To Find The Right CLAIMS FILING For Your Specific Product(Service).


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Analyze the Court’s Plan of Allocation to decide the maximum beneficial manner to record every declare.
Compile and analyze the applicable transactional records.

Complete all important claim bureaucracy and forward them to the administrator with the right documentation the use of an appropriate electronic filing format specific to every case.

Confirm receipt of the claim with the aid of the claims administrator.

Handle all correspondence with the claims administrator, making sure nothing is keeping up your charge.

Regularly observe up with the claims administrator and preserve you knowledgeable every step of the manner.

Your enterprise could have access to our claims hotline, as a purchaser of SSR. It’s staffed by using pinnacle claims specialists who can answer the most tough claims associated questions at any time.

SSR works strictly on a contingency foundation for a percent of recoveries and not using a up front or retainer charges required.
Our Risk Your Reward. We don’t receives a commission till we get you paid.

Slateshore Recovery is a boutique magnificence movement claims recuperation firm which focuses on a one on one enterprise to purchaser technique. SSR allows organizations acquire their truthful share of settlement monies from class action proceedings, as soon as a settlement has been reached. SSR is made of attorneys, finance experts, information and processing experts as well as studies experts. 

Answer 4 simple questions on your enterprise to see in case you qualify! Complete docusign to check your agreement options. 

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 How To Find The Right CLAIMS FILING For Your Specific Product(Service).

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