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You can get a lot of ways to export photos from your iPhone to your computer, but most of them only support the transfer of images from the camera album, and images that have been backed up to iCloud, synced from your computer, you can't transfer them to your computer.

As a professional iPhone photo transfer program, AnyTrans for iOS supports the transfer of all types of images on the iPhone, you can export all images to your computer with a single click or move only some selected items freely, and even allow you to upload all the album of photos from the iPhone to the computer. Next, we'll provide you with the highlights of this program:


Transfer all types of photos on iPhone/iPad - AnyTrans for iOS allows you to import photos in your camera album, photo library, photo streaming, synced photos from iTunes or your computer, share iCloud photos, etc.

All photos - camera, panorama, Live Photos, screenshots, selfies, Bursts, etc., all of which will be well organized on anyTrans's home screen. So you can find what you want easily.

Ultra-fast transport - you can transfer more than 1,500 images in just 3 minutes.
100% secure in high resolution - copy original images on your computer instead of thumbnails or compressed images.

Very easy to use - a beautiful and clear interface that makes it suitable for both primary and advanced users.
100% Warranty - After purchase, you will enjoy free updates to this program for life, and if you are not satisfied with this program within 60 days, contact us to recover the full amount.
Compatible with all iPhone and computer operating system - AnyTrans for Android works well with all iPhones, such as iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s/5c, iPhone 6/6s/6s Plus, iPhone 7/8, iPhone X/X/X/XS, and also supports all Windows and Mac computers.

Uploading photos from iPhone to PC can be transferred or uploaded to photos and videos from iPhone to PC:
[1] Download and install iTunes " if it is not actually on the user's computer, and if iTunes is installed, make sure The presence of the latest version through the operation of the application, and note the appearance of a message informing the user that there is a new update available, because these notifications indicate the presence of a newer version of the existing on the computer, and when they are you must follow the instructions that appear on the screen to install the latest version, where the process takes several Minutes.
Connect the iPhone to the computer through a cable or USB link, and then a dialog will appear asking the user if he wants to allow his computer to access information within iOS, if approved, you must click on the "Continue") icon.
A pop-up appears on the user's iPhone asking if they want to secure the computer, and then you must click on the security icon "Trust", and then enter the passcode if requested by the user.
Windows is required by windows to be sure that its iPhone is safe, and if so, you must click on the Trust.
Go back to the user's computer, make sure that the user's iPhone appears within the devices in the left-hand list of the Itoins interface, and if the Itoins do not recognize the user's iPhone, follow the tips in order to troubleshoot and fix them from Apple.'
Open the Photos app, and can be accessed from the Start menu in windows, or via the search bar in the taskbar.
 Clicking on the import icon in windows10 operating system, where it is located on the upper left side of the image application interface, while in the Windows 8 operating system you must click the right mouse button anywhere within the application, and select the option of import ".
 Click the named option from your USB device when the drop-down menu appears. All photos and videos on your iPhone are detected by the Photos app, and the process takes several minutes if the iPhone has a large album, and once you're done, a window appears to select the items you want to import.
 Select photos or videos by clicking on the accompanying check boxes, and you can mark a set of photos or videos to import them by selecting a new or selecting all the links at the top of the screen.
Click on the import icon specified "Import selected" if the user is satisfied with his choices. The import takes place, and after the process is over, the photos and videos that have been transferred to the hard drive appear within the assembly section of the Photos app.


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