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At Last, The Secret To GUPSE ÖZAY THE HOUSE SNAKE Is Revealed !!


`Snake came out of the house, we moved!

➤➤➤Gupse Özay responded to the claim that they moved from their house in Zincirlikuyu where they lived with their lover Barış Arduç because the rent came more than 22 thousand pounds ...

““ The problem is not rent. The house snake came out of the kitchen. How can we live in a house with snakes?

 At Last, The Secret To GUPSE ÖZAY THE HOUSE SNAKE Is Revealed !!

The famous Turkish artist Paresh Ardoch spoke about his romantic relationship with the artist Jobesi Ozai, in an interview with the newspaper "Hurriyat", and in an answer about the continuity of their relationship for many years, and his opinion in the phrase: "The age of love lasts for 3 years is a lie", Ardoush said: "No one can put a firm understanding of feelings, because the nature of relationships is different between people," he said, adding, "If this is true, we are 3 years old and therefore our love continues."
➤➤➤Barış Arduç pays so much rent is a bidet snake. I don't want to take the sin of Limsen, but it is not believed to be left by someone Allah has protected them very serious situation.

 aman from Barush, aman and by you !!! They want to get married, they want to move, but they don't bother us anymore, they are tired of everyone! This writer, actress, writer and screenwriter can better tell where she copied her children's book, which she boasts so much !!! And stop dealing with people who are not interesting to anyone.
On his ability to maintain his relationship for many years with the same person despite his fame and good looks, the Turkish artist said: "No one continues to have a relationship unless he is happy and convinced of it, and he went on to say, "I love calm, because our relationship is quiet, we spend years and years together."

➤➤➤Gupse Özay is a very sincere and good woman .. beauty is relative I find it very beautiful someone with full of life .. Peace Arduç may lie and pray that there is someone who likes her .. Beautiful and sexy would be better .. one should love not the beautiful woman but the woman who makes her life beautiful.

➤➤➤We Look at History for Marriage' '' War of the Eltiler '' Gupse Özay continues the filming of the new cinema film, looking forward to marriage with Barış Arduç'la.
Arduch revealed that at no point did he feel attracted to any other girl, stressing that he had never regretted his relationship with Ozai, noting that he considered himself lucky because he was in a relationship with someone who made him balanced.
➤➤➤Gupse Özay, marriage questions for the first time spoke clearly. Özay said, ık We couldn't find the right date because of our works. Somehow a time will come, ”he said.

GUPSE ÖZAYIN screamed the greatest regret! .. Gupse Özay is experiencing great regret about what?

Why can't he marry his girlfriend Barış Arduç ? 
The answer to all these questions and more in Forx5 TV.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish artist Paresh Arduch, achieved great public success recently through the character of Omar in the famous series "Love to Rent", in front of the Turkish artist Chin Sango, and ardosh was subjected to a major attack after his fame because of his relationship with the star Ozai, which the audience considers simple beauty compared to Bousma I, however, has consistently emphasized the strength of his relationship with her and the strength of their love..

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