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How To Turn TIGER WOODS RECORD Into Success !!


Questions asked by others
1-How many PGA Tour wins does Tiger Woods have?? 2-Who won the Zozo Championship in Japan?? 3-How many European Tour wins does Tiger Woods have??
4-Who is the richest golfer in the world?? 5-Who is Tiger Woods New Girlfriend?? 6-Who has made a hole in one on a par 5??

Tiger Woods has equalled the record for most wins on the PGA Tour with 82.

Tiger Woods wins the Zozo Championship in Japan, tying Sam Snead's PGA Tour record of 82 victories.

Is he the G.O.A.T?

➽➽    82 Woods   ➽➽
➽➽     82 Snead   ➽➽
➽➽   73 Nicklaus  ➽➽
➽➽     64 Hogan   ➽➽
➽➽   62 Palmer   ➽➽
➽➽    52 Nelson  ➽➽
➽➽ 51 Casper     ➽➽
➽➽     45 Hagen  ➽➽
➽➽44 Mickelson  ➽➽
➽➽ 40 Middlecoff ➽➽

 How To Turn TIGER WOODS RECORD Into Success !!

How to become successful after you have been a loser: there are several qualities if you have them and ways if you follow them will certainly go from failure to success, from a failed human being to a successful human being.

What a man. Sat and watched it till 1.30am this morning. History made.
Doesn't play for 3 months comes back and wins first time out.

Equals Sam Sneads 82 PGA tour wins.

We all kicked him when he was down, but he had come back as what appears to be a humble, thankful and better man. Congrats @tigerwoods  #Repost It’s an honor to be tied with Sam Snead for most wins in @pgatour history. Thanks Mom and Pop and everyone who helped make this possible. Hideki put up an amazing fight on his home soil, but to do this in Japan is something I’ll never forget. It’s been an awesome year. ‬
Everyone disagrees on the issue of success and failure, in terms of the presence of either attributein in each individual, and the percentage of its presence on the other hand, and although the views of some individuals in judging people in terms of success or failure, there are some basic principles that each person can judge himself if he is successful Or a loser.

Living Legend... and Inspiration!
Many said "Not only he will never win again, he won't even be able to compete"
"He'll be playing only a few tournaments for his sponsors without even making the cut".

Tiger Tiger Woods  Love tigers set up here think it's really going to help his body for the 2020 season
I'd love to see him just have 1 more full year healthy. Hes good for the game of golf .

There were many traces of fallen trees and landslides in the golf course, but the course was restored and I was able to play smoothly .
Thank you for the efforts of the staff .
A successful person always thinks about solving the problem and proposes many solutions, always helping others, has many dreams that do the impossible to achieve them and he is committed to his values and principles and is a park for the small things. Unlike the loser that we find always thinking about the problem and seeing that there is no solution to it, and always waiting for help from others, and sees the future with black glasses will not be able to achieve any dream in it, so he is left to curse time and circumstances, and may give up his values for the smallest things.
Since I used the black Halloween ball in October, in very , it is to find even in the fairway without indistinguishable from pine cones

only of the benefits of black ball, even if the tee shot toward the ugly cloudy in the white ball (second picture) that trajectory is clearly visible ☺️
it only .
A historic 82nd PGA Tour victory for Tiger Woods in Japan at the Zozo Championship || Wearing the Nike TW Vapor Reflective Blade Shirt
ZOZO I watched Chang and I felt like Tiger Woods, but it wasn't reflected in the score, but it was fun enough to be a short sleeve 

Yeeeesss !!! He actually made it and once again proved to the golf world that he is the greatest !!! I'm freaking out ... how cool is that please?!?! In addition, he writes again with his 82nd PGA Tour victory golf history and sets the 54-year-old record of golf legend Sam Snead! The absolute hammer is that !!! Tiger victories again! He is and remains for me the greatest golfer of all time.
Look at yourself well, you are the only one who can honestly judge yourself if you are a failure or a success, but if you review all the principles of success and failure and find yourself deviating from success and tending to fail in your life, what do you have to do? Are you supposed to despair and decide that you will remain a failure forever?!!
tiger woods has only gone and dknenit achieving his 82nd win on the @pgatour and equalling the great Sam Sneads record. Question now is how hard will number 83 be knowing he sets the new benchmark of greatness??

“A small $10 donation will feed a child for seven days.” .

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