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The Bollywood Town stars are known for his or her lavish living and it displays from every thing of their lifestyles. They lead life king length with their costly vehicles and bikes, have lofty mansions to live and private planes to fly. Amidst all this lavish lifestyles, checking the energy bills in their homes and premises some thing simply thrilling, which often go at the better facet and to a large quantity. Now, permit’s test the luxurious electricity payments they pay every month as beneath:

Shah Rukh Khan – The first one to pay a whopping amount as his power bill according to month is none apart from King Khan. He will pay 47 lakhs as energy invoice every month for his palatial home called Mannat based sea facing in Bandstand, Bandra.
Inviting King Khan AKA Shah Rukh Khan to your reception is a king size burden to your pocket. A 3 crores pay would get your favorite Badshaah rising temperatures on the eve.

Saif Ali Khan – The next to pay a hefty quantity as his highly-priced strength invoice is but another khan, the nawab – Saif Ali Khan. He pays 30 lakhs in keeping with month for his bungalow based totally in Mumbai and Delhi.

Salman Khan – The 0.33 most costly invoice involves Salman Khan who stays in Bandra in Galaxy Apartment. He owns maximum of the flats there in Galaxy for him and his own family, apart from having the workplace as well. He can pay a whopping 29 lakhs according to month for the same.Not much of a dancing star, party performances are a headache to Salman.
But being paid 2 crores makes it a fair deal to him.

Amitabh Bachchan – He has been staying in his Juhu primarily based bungalow referred to as Pratiksha and each month he pays a whopping bill of 24 lakhs per month. He earns excellent and will pay nicely for the expensive strength bills.

Aamir Khan – Mr. Perfectionist is likewise not away from this listing who also remains in Bandra. He has his Bungalow and workplace in Pali Hill in Bandra and can pay a whopping 22 lakhs in line with month for his electricity invoice.

Deepika Padukone – The leggy lass is also in this listing who will pay a huge amount of bill for her energy. She pays 13 lakhs according to month for her home.
The popular lady diva Deepika charges equally to her love. Sounds cute yeah! That gives a good deal to planners to get Deepika at the reception only with a 1 crore pay. But she is herself married now.
Katrina Kaif – The different in this list belongs to Katrina Kaif who additionally pays a large quantity as her energy for her apartment that comes to round 7 lakhs consistent with month.

She is too sexy for you, won't ever come into Your hands. This firangi beauty raises all heartbeats on the day only at an extension of around 3.5 crores to the budget.

“A small $10 donation will feed a child for seven days.” .
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