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2 Reasons Le Crocodile Et Le Pluvian Drama Will Change the Way You Think About Everything


Chen Bolin ➽➽➽ I miss him ❤️

Upcoming C-Drama : Le Crocodile et Le Pluvian
Release Date : 18 November 2019
Cast :
Chen Bolin
Zhang Tianai

 2 Reasons Le Crocodile Et Le Pluvian Drama Will Change the Way You Think About Everything

Plot :
Li Na Nen is a young woman from a small town who has always been passionate about Chinese culture and traditional architecture. After graduating, she heads to Bordeaux University to pursue her studies in the field. She somehow ends up joining the animal research society where she meets Zhou Er Wen.
He is a young man who advocates ecological preservation. Given his interest in modern architecture, he is devoted to finding synergies in both. Li Na Nen and Zhou Er Wen start out at odds with each other and Gao Mu finds himself to be the constant mediator. Their experiences bring them together as they strive to bring to fruition a project referred to as the hanging garden.

Native Title: 鳄鱼与牙签鸟
Also Known As: Crocodile Avec Cure-Dents Oiseau , E Yu Yu Ya Qian Diao , Le Crocodile et Le Pluvian
Directors: Lin Yan
Genres: Comedy, Romance.

No romcom? Quite unique plot. ML and FL seems have some acting experiences already. Prob would love to see because of France and the architecture, seems beautiful cinematography and prob medium budget due to filming abroad

As much as I love Zhang Tian Ai, I hope her management team helps her grasp better roles and series. Not sure how this modern drama will turn out but based on recent years these kind of dramas are not creative.

 # Crocodiles and birds toothpick

 #Lecrocodileetlepluvian ]
# Zhang day love Dawn of the mysterious new world ➲➲
#Chen Bo Lin overcome the most difficult in the history of research ➲➲
see growth journey Frankenstein and enthusiastic girls ➲➲ ~
➲➲ November 18 and open with you symbiosis Love journey, lock 芒果电视国际APP.

The new drama broadcast news I've been waiting for.
It'll look great ~~~ expected
to start drama now wish jyeoteum tail hair cut and beard pushed me pretty.
neonim bearded giant of a long sleeve, but ...
Border of Heaven and End of the amount neonim two hunhunhae ~~ Chemie is
playing start taking this natural pedestal so far ...
will not return to its appearance in the drama was clean What?

Official declaration file! Zhang Tianai and Chen Bolin starred. From November 18th, Hunan Satellite TV Golden Eagle Broadcasting Theater broadcasted every night, and started a symbiotic love journey with you on time. See you at no time~
Finally, you can watch the drama of a pretty sister! Looking forward to it for a long time!

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