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8 Things the Media Hasn't Told You About Left or Right Hand Use !!


We finally figured out why people use their left or right hand.

Most of us are right hand(using the right hand), but very few happen to be left-handed (using the left hand). Why is that? Is it just something we learn to have an advantage — in using one hand — over time, or is it something about our neural network from birth? Are left-wing people really more evil than the rest of us? Or is this just crazy talk?

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that those who used his left hand were dealing with the devil, and he was probably less intelligent than the right hand.

Recent research has found that brain networks control the preferred hand, and that the use of the left hand may reflect talents in areas such as art, tennis and others, as well as that their brains are growing faster than those who use the right hand.

According to a new study in the journal eLife, it is never related to our brains or our neurological development. In fact it may be a satisfying trick, it seems that the use of the right or left hand – already rooted in your biological work by your birth, but in a certain form of high activity of the gene in the spine and not in the brain.

"Our data suggest that the spine, not the cortex of the brain, is the beginning of asymmetry in the hemisphere of the brain," the team said in their research.

A team of researchers from Germany, the Netherlands and South Africa, led by biophysicists at Ruhr University in Bochum (Germany), monitored the genetic expression that occurs within children's spinal cords as they grow up in the womb, between the 8th and 12th weeks of pregnancy.

It has long been thought that gene activity in the brain, depending on which half of the brain shows more activity, determines whether a person is right or left-handed. However, based on activity in the primary spinal cords, there seems to be some difference going on that has not been detected before.

This newly discovered activity occurs long before the brain part of the movement — the motor cortex — responds, which is actually connected to the spine. It appears to be based on parts of the spine responsible for transferring electrical impulses to the hands, arms, legs, and feet, and this asymmetry determines whether a person writes with his right or left hand.

In addition, the team discovered what causes this symmetry. As it turns out, it is not influenced by regular genetic mutations or genetic traits, but by environmental factors – the effects that affect the child as he grows up in the womb.

Although it is not yet clear what these environmental/external factors may be, they can change how enzymes work around a developing child, which in turn changes how their genes — the child — can express themselves. Therefore, this affects the asymmetry of genetic activity within the spine.

So now you know despite the research! It remains unknown whether people who use the left hand are more evil.

Here's a set of information you may not know about the preference for the use of the left or right hand:

- How many people use the left or right hand?

Only 12% of the world's population depends on the left hand, with twice as many men as women.

30% of the world's population mixes their hands while performing certain tasks.

- Effects of preference of one hand on the brain:

The left hemisphere controls the right half of the body and the right half next to the left body, so the left-handed person can boast that he or she is always dependent on the right half.

The left hemisphere controls speech, language, writing, logic, mathematics and science, while the right side controls music, art, creativity, cognition, emotions and genius, so the left-handed person is often creative or intellectual. The use of the left hand leads to the emergence of good athletes who are distinguished in games such as baseball, tennis, swimming, boxing, fencing, etc.

Effects on work:

Studies indicate that left-handed people have significant workplace problems, with Joshua Goodman of Harvard University saying that "those who use the left hand have emotional, behavioral and learning problems, such as dyslexia and work in occupations that require less cognitive skills."

- Left-handed in history:

During the Middle Ages, it was believed that the left was possessed by satan, which made the modern definition of the word "sinister", derived from the word "sinistra", reflecting the meaning of the word left in Latin.

The English word "Lyft", in the old language, means idle, weak or useless, and the word "gauche" in French means clumsy or embarrassing.

- Is it inherited or acquired?

If the child's father is left-handed and his mother is also, there is a 26% chance that the child will become left-handed, and researchers have recently identified a gene that they think is in control of one hand over the other.

- Celebrities who were known to use the left hand:

Four of the original five macintosh computer designers relied on the left hand, and one in four astronauts on Apollo space missions were left-handed, including Neil Armstrong.

Albert Einstein was also left-handed, as was Leonardo da Vinci. Among the world's most famous left-handed figures were Jack the Reaper, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and Sir Paul McCartney, as well as the Queen Mother of Prince William, Jimi Hendrix and Jean Darke, aka the Virgin of Orléans, and also 5 Presidents of the United States. Most notably Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr.

Health effects:

Women who prefer the left hand are more likely to develop allergies during pregnancy, are more likely to develop migraines and insomnia and are three times more likely to become alcohol addicted, as the right side of the brain that controls the left hand has less alcohol tolerance.

Other facts:

The keyboard "QWERTY" has about 1,447 English words that can only be written with the left hand, while only 187 words can be written depending on the right hand.

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