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How I Really Feel About Lee Hong Ki Army Photos !!


Lee Hong Ki looks happy and healthy in his first army photos.

On November 6, Lee Hong Ki went to his personal Instagram account to share photos with the title: “Greetings! I love you! Everyone is fine?".

Singer Lee Hong-ki, commander of the FT Island band, joined the compulsory military service on October 1st.

 How I Really Feel About Lee Hong Ki Army Photos !!

Lee began his singing career in 2007 as a member of THE FT Island, where he will be the first of the four band members to join the military.

In the photos, Lee Hong Ki has a bright smile on his face as he hugs his mother in one photo and greets the camera in the second photo.

Lee Hong-gi (born March 2, 1990 in Guangzhou). He is a singer, songwriter and lead singer of the FT Island band in his native South Korea who began his career in 2009. He is also an actor, lyricist, composer and guitarist.

On November 18, 2015, he released his first solo work in South Korea entitled FM302 while releasing his Japanese album AM302 on December 9, 2015.
Actually, Hongki wrote not just one but a few heartfelt letters in different languages to fans from the army and even personally replied to 15 of the fan letters he received.
On September 30, Lee Hong Ki became the first member of FTISLAND to enlist and since then, he shared a touching letter with his fans that was revealed in October. Lee Hong Ki is scheduled to serve as an active duty soldier after completing basic training.

Hongki looks happy & healthy, and he is really an angel to update us constantly with handwritten letters and now on his IG & KKT
Serve well our Hongstar, we will wait for your return.

37 days without you but today is such a wonderful day ~ seeing you smiling so brightly, being so happy, immediately getting in touch with us Primadonna.. I love you so much ♡ 
If only most idols could be honest without fans freaking out and ruining every things. Thank you always Hongki for your wise words. 
Just listened to some live clips and it brought back this amazing feeling, it was really nice after this week events it still amazes me how hongki and guys can bring my smile back rn I'm also watching show with minhwan and he's such a cute dad. 

F.T. Island's Hongki was seen updating his Instagram for the first time since his military enlistment!

➤➤Below, Hongi's autographs are also written in full letters. ➤➤
 “I do n’t change? I ’m really fine. Like you said, adaptability seems to be the best. Good and fun, I'm exercising, everyone is very fat or too thin.I thought I was older, but I didn't have any problems thanks to the wisdom (?) Of life that I gained from social life for 20 years.
 How about you?Necessary items in the army received from the autograph session! It is very useful. Thank you. I can't see the email because you sent me too much. I'm writing this letter because I'm sorry.I have a lot of thoughts here. I think a lot about what to do if I get out of you and what kind of song to give as a gift.
For the time being, let's try Pojan Maca (a stand) again alone. I'll try to convince the company. Remember that I have a goal I want to do in the military? When we get to know many people in the same period and the army, we will always promote our songs. I think half of it was done at the training center. The platoon commander “Quit” at bedtime. All the people who have signed me come to the concert. It will be 500. I'm fine ~ Goodbye

“A small $10 donation will feed a child for seven days.” .

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