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Mark Ruffalo - latest news, breaking stories and comment!!


All the latest breaking news on Mark Ruffalo. Browse The complete collection of articles and commentary on Mark Ruffalo.

⧭⧭Happy Halloween Loving these incredible Hulk costumes from you all ⧭⧭

Mark Ruffalo
Getting ready to take on the next couple weeks in anticipation of @DarkWatersMovie (only 28 more days until it hits theaters!).

Mark Ruffalo
Happiest of birthdays to the incredible @jeffgoldblum!).

Mark Ruffalo
What an INCREDIBLE thing the students at Penn Harris Madison High School in Indiana created for a superhero in their community!).

Mark Ruffalo
#FBF to this great rendition of Papa Hulk from Odette!!).

Mark Ruffalo
Rocking the Tony Stark 2017 collection 😎 #FBF #ThorRagnarok!).

Mark Ruffalo
Earlier this week, I was with attorney Rob Bilott at @Bookpassage & the Center for Environmental Health’s Marquee Event to launch Rob's new book, “Exposure.” The book tells the story about how DuPont has poisoned the world with the #PFAS family of “Forever Chemicals” (Which is the subject of our new film: @DarkWatersMovie).

“A small $10 donation will feed a child for seven days.” .

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