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The History of K-Pop Star Goo Hara Dead at 28 in Under 10 Minutes !!


K-Pop Star Goo Hara Dead at 28 !!

K-pop singer and former member of South Korean girl group Kara, has been found dead at home, according to the Gangnam Police Department. The police are currently investigating the cause of death.

Singer Goo Hara was reported found dead at his home in the Cheongdam area, Seoul, Sunday (11/24/2019), at 18:00 local time.

 The History of K-Pop Star Goo Hara Dead at 28 in Under 10 Minutes !!

Goo Hara is known to be a friend of the late Sulli. When Sulli was reportedly dead, Goo Hara once delivered a very touching message.
Through a video uploaded via Instagram live broadcast on October 15, 2019, Goo Hara said that he would continue the rest of his life for Sulli's.
"Sulli, I'm sorry I can't come because I'm in Japan. I'm sorry because this is all I can do for you. Go peacefully and always do what you want to do. I will do my best and move on with your life. I will try" Goo Hara while crying. "To everyone, I'm fine. Sulli and I are very close. We are like brothers and sisters. That's why I talk directly like this. I'm sorry. Don't worry about everything, Sulli goodbye", she continued.

this was unbelievable: “But it is known that she attempted to commit suicide in March this year after an ex-boyfriend attempted to blackmail her with threats of assault and the release a sex video. Amid the dispute, Goo’s agency terminated her contract.” 

Former KARA member Goo Hara found dead at home, two days after releasing a comeback #midnightqueen following attempted suicide in May

A woman full of talent with a big heart. She was such a strong person and the world didn't deserve her. May you rest in peace Goo Hara, we will never forget you. All our condolences to her family and her friends. 

Remember when Taeyeon was watching Goo Hara's performance on TV backstage? And Goo Hara posting Taeyeon's Four Seasons on her IG? 

Taeyeon left Red Velvet's concert tonight. She probably heard the news about Goo Hara. OMG. This is really heartbreaking. Please comfort her. 

Sending our condolences and love to Goo hara’s family, friends and Fans. 

Everyone gonna be preaching about mental health the rest of the week but then go back to bullying.... Yall need to f stop and wake up... These are people lives you are messing with... 

Our deepest condolences to Goo Hara families and fans, thank you for bringing us joy on Running Man and life. It was a very shocking and sad news. If you guys in a hard moment right now, please tell your friend and family. We are here for you. Sending much love to everyone. 

According to the Gangnam Police Station, Goo Hara was found dead at her home in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul at 6:09 PM. At that time, her friend found her and reported it to police and fire authorities 

everyone in this cruel world, pls be kind to each other. we'll never know how much we affect the person once we said bad things to that person. rest in peace Goo Hara

Hara held a special place in my heart because she's one of G7. In fact, every single member of this team hold a special place in my heart because i love this show so much. This was the first ever k-show I've seen and Hara's personality was one of the best. Rest in Peace, Goo Hara

there's no such thing as goodbye for those who love with all their heart and soul. You fought a good fight and now both of you can rest, Goo Hara and Sulli-yaaa ♡♡♡ We will miss you, rest in peace... Prayers to all :(

How many lives have we lost this year!? This is not about KPOP anymore. Its about HUMAN’S MENTAL HEALTH. Its about raising AWARENESS

We can’t lose another one! THIS IS SO SICKENING THIS IS SO ALARMING Jonghyun, Sulli & Goo Hara we’re very sorry 

Her last instagram post was goodnight. This is heartbreaking. People will still be loving and supporting you Goo Hara #goohara

For those who don't know, Goo Hara was a former Member of Kara. Kara was a group that Debut in 2007 and disbanded In 2014. Goo Hara was a Vocolist. As well as being apart of KARA, Hara was also an Actress. You may also know Goo Hara as one of Sulli's Best friend Rest in peace 

The sparkle of your eyes, the brightness of your smile, the goodness of your soul will always stay in our hearts because you were one gem of a person we had. Losing you is no doubt a big loss to all of us. You will always be missed. Rest in Peace Goo Hara and Sulli .

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