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the Hottest Hong Kong Team's Female Flying Fish Trends for [Year] !!

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the Hottest Hong Kong Team's Female Flying Fish Trends for [Year] !!

The Hong Kong team's female flying fish, Ou Wei, participated in the charity challenge round-the-island tour on the 5th. It was the third swimmer to accompany the former Hong Kong team's brother Fang Lishen to the sea.
 "Before practicing together, it was medium speed. Today I thought he would swim for 12 hours. Slow, but I have to catch up with him after I get into the water, so I have confidence in the water and the team and his mother said that he has no problem." Ou Xiao smiled.
- The

athletes challenge the hardship of the physical limit, and the will to force themselves to go forward, I believe that no one is more clear than Ou. Before Fang Lishen broke the record, she and other people thought that the 45-kilometer round-the-island tour was impossible: 

"We asked professional open sea swimmers, they all said that they can finish it, but this is 45 kilometers, 30 kilometers is not The problem is that as a swimmer, you will know that one more kilometer is one more kilometer."
Indeed, when the physical strength is overdrawn, even 50 meters is a distant distance, and it can only be supported by the will.
 "Not only because he can finish it, I feel very touched and sharp. It is something that so many people think is impossible. He is confident and willing to do it, and he has broken the record," Ou Yu said. : "It can be seen that the athletes of the previous generation were abnormal. We must learn this spirit. If we can't practice too much water, we will call for hard work."

Fang Lishen spirit! Well Said!! The previous generation of swimmers will have an abnormal will, obey the respect of the coach, and self-requirement is disciplined. I
really have to learn this spirit. I can't practice hard if I don't practice too much water! It is necessary to understand that everything depends on one's own efforts, and that it is not necessarily fruitful. It is a good thing to be able to face setbacks and failures from an early age!

“A small $10 donation will feed a child for seven days.” .

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