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8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Nightmares Prepare Humans for Real Difficult Situations.


A scientific study described as "strange of its kind" concluded that nightmares carry a benefit to humans contrary to popular belief that binds them to anxiety and stress.

Dreams are a vent ing of internal depressions that are not discharged into alertness and sometimes emotions can explode in the form of a nightmare.

According to the British daily Daily Mail on its website, Sunday, the study confirms that nightmares prepare people to face really difficult situations.

Nightmares are dreams that occur during the sleep phase characterized by rapid eye movements (REM Sleep), which are accompanied by a strong feeling of anxiety and fear that cannot escape. This phenomenon often occurs at the end of sleep and often causes the sleeper to wake up and sometimes is unable to recall the events of his dream.

Researchers in Switzerland and the United States subjected 18 people to a strange experience, with monitors placed on the heads of the sample members to monitor brain activity during sleep.

Nightmares are more common in children and less likely to occur as the child grows up and approaches adulthood. About 50% of adults sometimes have nightmares, and women are more likely than men to dream of nightmares but no treatment. Approximately 1% of adults may have nightmares frequently, in which case help should be sought.

Causes of nightmares

There are several causes for night nightmares, it is possible to be caused:

Certain medications cause these nightmares, such as some sleeping medications or medications used to treat arterial hypertension or heart medications.
Sleep deprivation or negative thinking before bed can cause nightmares.
Some diseases and mental problems can cause nightmares, such as anxiety and depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, constant exposure to psychological stress and family and emotional problems.
Some sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, or restless legs syndrome.
One of the important causes of nightmares is some bad habits in food and drink such as eating large amounts of food at dinner, delaying dinner until bedtime or drinking large amounts of fluid before bed, which can lead to a kind of bloating and shortness of breath and then to nightmares and terrible dreams, and the interpretation of You can eat increases the metabolism that occurs in the human body and then from brain activity.

Studies indicate that the higher the weight, the more sleep time is filled with dreams and nightmares.
There are also unexplained night nightmares, which affect the quality of sleep, cause insomnia, anxiety and permanent fatigue, with an increase in daytime sleepiness, all of which negatively affect a person's life.

Later, they were subjected to questions such as did you have bad dreams? And if so? Did you feel scared?

The researchers said that there is a pattern that recurs among people, namely that during nightmares activity increased in areas of the brain that control feelings.

In another experiment, 89 people were given a diary of "Dream and Nightmare", which records all the dreams and nightmares that go through their brains when they wake up for a week.

They were then subjected to mri scans of negative and alarming images.

The researchers found that people who suffered from nightmares, their emotional brain regions responded faster, and more efficiently, than those who did not.
How to treat nightmares

Treatment of nightmares is to find the cause, and then work to treat it; We treat them as anxiety and stress disorders.
As for the unexplained night nightmares, the main treatment is an adjustment in some personal habits and an adjustment in the sleeping environment, for example you should organize a specific time for sleep and wake up, also should avoid caffeine and fatty, spicy and sugary foods 4-6 hours before bedtime, and avoid drinking too much fluids. Before bed.

Also exercise regularly, drink hot milk or milk before bed, warm milk and foods containing the amino acid Tryptophan may help increase sleep quality.
Practice relaxation techniques before bed, such as deep breathing, etc., this may help relieve anxiety and reduce stress, and it is also recommended to sleep on a comfortable mattress and pillow and in a dark and quiet room as much as possible, maintain a comfortable temperature in the bedroom, and make sure the room is well ventilated.

Dreams are a venting of internal depressions that have not been properly discharged into alertness, so one solution is that a person should always break away from himself by talking to a close friend or by writing on paper and expressing a bit so that emotions do not explode in the form of a nightmare.

There are also several cognitive behavioral treatments to get rid of nocturnal nightmares, one of which is called "Image Caption Therapy", so that your annoying dream will have a happy ending.
In this treatment the person remembers the nightmare and writes it, then changes the general pattern of the nightmare and the story line and the ending, or any other part of the dream to make it more positive and more beautiful, and then practice this new scenario and make several rehearsals so that he can replace the unwanted aspects And annoying while dreaming of more positive and exhilarating parts.

 The person does this training daily for 10 to 20 minutes, with these adjustments reducing and disappearing night nightmares, improving the quality of sleep to make a comfortable and comfortable sleep.



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