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8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Anna Semenovich Breast Reduction


Anna Semenovich admitted that she was doing breast reduction surgery.

In the show “Secret to a Million”, the artist with tears in her eyes revealed her secret to a million. The singer explained why over the years her bust has increased so much in size. “I always initially said that my chest. And I have someone to be like: my mother’s 12th breast size. "

 8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Anna Semenovich Breast Reduction

“There is a diagnosis called gigantomastia. Mammologists have it, this is the official diagnosis. These are breasts 6, 7, 8, 9 and further sizes. She is put to a woman if her breasts weigh more than 2.5 kilograms. I have gigantomastia. And this feature of the body is transmitted genetically. And as soon as I get better at least a kilogram, my breasts increase, ”says Anna.

“Of course, there is pain in the back, because it is always tense. This is really a problem. These are wide straps, back pain, it is impossible to wear a dress with a beautiful back, because I always go in a bra, I only take it off at night so that my chest is in good shape, so doctors recommend it. This is actually a big problem, it just seems like it's great, everyone laughs: “Oh, big breasts, great!” But in fact, there is nothing cool. ”
“Sleeping on my stomach is very uncomfortable, I have to put pillows. It is very difficult to find a swimsuit, it is very difficult to find linen, clothes. Unable to find clothes! They simply don’t sew on such breasts. I know how I get out of the situation? I buy a dress of some forty-eighth or fiftieth size and they alter it for me. I alter almost all the clothes. I can not go in for sports. I can’t run, I can’t jump, I can’t take part in some interesting television shows. It hurts. I go out to the concert in a special top that holds my chest, because I have a lot of dance moves and some are uncomfortable. I can’t jump from the tower into the water. I was invited to participate in a circus, where I had to lie in a box. I lay down and people could not close this box. It seems funny

1**I watched the program and almost cried! Apparently heredity! But I changed my attitude when I found out that she was a skater! 
And I have the opposite of the 2nd size small breasts! I always wanted to have a bigger size!
2** Gynecologists say that about all women have the same size mammary glands, the rest is fat.
3**My mother has big breasts, when I was a teenager I prayed that there would be an udder instead of a breast, thank God size 2
4**What kind of gon? She only got into brilliant and became famous after she made boobs, who believes in this? Look at her mom ...
5**She was touched by her attitude and love for her brother, as she bought a computer with her last money.
6**The fact that a brother does not make an offer to his girlfriend can be right! Take responsibility for a non-biological non-biological child. This is a very very big responsibility.
Breast grows even at 60 years old if a woman gets better. Anna is right, there are a lot of problems with larger breasts. Everything is good when in moderation.
7**Why do the operation, give birth to a baby and feed up to 3 years, breasts will decrease, a small hunger will suck all the juices from you вас

8**Having a huge breast is not necessary at the birth of a baby there will be a lot of milk, and this is how meat and dairy cows are!

What is she talking about ??? She was flat to brilliant, she did it, she just started recovering by leaps and bounds, everything turned into a giant chest, and what we do not see, she is far from being 48 and 50 in size ...
Very beautiful and very smart woman! I didn’t expect it !? I can wish ANNA great health and great happiness !!!
I just watched the program and I’ll say that Anna Semenovich is a big smart girl, it’s a pleasure to listen and watch how she answered questions .


“A small $10 donation will feed a child for seven days.” .

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