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Irene from Red Velvet star in a upcoming movie

Irene from red velvet star in a upcoming movie irene from red velvet will officially start her acting as an actress where she will star in a upcoming movie,this will become irene's big screen debut.

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Irene from Red Velvet star in a upcoming movie 

Irene previously was cast in a web-drama back in 2016 titled "게임회사 여직원들" ,according to the media on july 16, irene (irene) of red velvet will start her official debut as an actress in a movie called double patty,filming begins in august expected release end of 2020.

Irene has been chosen to play the title role in this film, which will be directed by baek seung hwan.

His story revolves around pursuing young people in their growth journey and their pursuit of their aspirations.

 Irene will play the role of a student studying to become a news anchor.

Filming will begin next august, with the aim of releasing it later this year.

Sm entertainment has confirmed this news to the media.1-#doublepatty is a coming of age story that follows the life of an aspiring anchor & is expected to be released at the end of the year irene debuted as an actress in a webdrama w/ jang dong yoon in 2016. 

2-200716 | the ' double patty ' project, which will be released in august, aims to stage this year’s theater, and during acting irene will become an ambitious broadcaster and want to postpone her youth. 

3-red velvet is a south korean music ensemble, which was drawn on august 1, 2014, under the management of sm entertainment, initially they were four members and in 2015 the agency added the member yrei, and the band is composed of five members here; irene, solge, wendy, joy, jerry and wikipedia origin : august 1, 2014, seoul, south korea albums :

perfect velvet , the perfect red velvet , more awards : seoul music awards bonsang awards , more the names of the record companies : sme entertainment , affix tracks.

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