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Frequently Asked Questions
 TurkeyCelebs.com doesn’t work. What do I do?

Uh oh. First off, we apologize that  TurkeyCelebs not working correctly for you. Before you contact us, be sure to clear your cache to make sure you have the latest version of TurkeyCelebs.com.
How do I clear my cache?

To clear your cache, check out WikiHow’s tutorial:
Why are there ads on TurkeyCelebs .com?

We scour the internet to find the best content for you. That takes time and money so we hope to strike a balance with the advertising and the user experience on our website.
TurkeyCelebs.com doesn’t work

The Video Player Doesn’t Show Up? If you are having trouble with the video player not showing up, please make sure you don’t have the Acestream addon activated on your browser. Any similar addons may also cause issues and prevent our video player from loading.