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10 Romantic SELMA BLAIR AND DAVID LYONS Ideas 2020

Selma Blair and her boyfriend,  David Lyons, looked so cute when they wore matching outfits in Los Angeles.

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They are cute and lovely couple even though they aren't wearing matching outfits. If they are wearing outfits that they like, that's good enough
 If people wore them and wore them properly yes there would be lesser deaths.  Selma Blair and David Lyons

readers opinion
1-reading replies to your original comment but this response is for your most recent comment on this thread...okay, SERIOUSLY, you need to grow up Sam. What are you? 12? How can you possibly think your comment about a woman responding to an insensitive remark on social media by A STRANGER means she wants sex from him - funny? ‘cause it’s not even remotely funny. Kinda makes you seem like the type of guy who would force himself on a woman.  Selma Blair and David Lyons

2- I wouldn’t want to believe that of you. And you  it literally took swiping between apps on my phone to google “why does Selma Blair look so different?” Before I got in the comment section only to find people who couldn’t bother to do the same but felt the need to comment some shit. And then when you’re called out for it, you actually have the temerity to bristle and sound like your ego took a big hit.   Selma Blair and David Lyons

3-Why can’t people just take an admonishment in the face of their obvious fail, because on an emotional quotient level, this was incredibly insensitive of both of you. This woman almost died a few times, I’m sure her loved ones are grateful to have her around regardless of the drastic change in her appearance. If you even know what love is at all and you feel it for people in your life then I believe you can understand that much. BOTH OF YOU DO BETTER. Have a nice day gentlemen. ☮️  Selma Blair and David Lyons

4-Nice story dude but you didn't read, you skimmed so you could come dump your opinions on a stranger. I said in my 2nd comment that I had my foot in my mouth for not knowing and saying something stupid. So spare us your bullshit, no ones laughing at Selma for having MS. Im not an asshole, I just dont spend my time worrying about pleasing others. I made a mistake, owned up to it and moved on, way to jump in and flex bro!
  Selma Blair and David Lyons

5-Uh, hummm I think maybe I need to go see my optometrist and get a stronger prescription on my glasses, cuz they clearly don't look like they're wearing matching outfits.
  Selma Blair and David Lyons

6-I adore her so much. I am so glad she has a partner to go through everything with her.
  Selma Blair and David Lyons

7-I don’t see any matching outfits? But they sure look cute .

8-Oh. Maybe the material was matching. Like it was cotton or nylon.

9-These outfits aren’t matching. This makes no sense!.

10-This is an old picture. Clearly when there is nothing to report on they recycle things .

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