Berry Good Cho is at the center of the issue in cosplay costumes !!

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Berry Good Cho is at the center of the issue in cosplay costumes !!

Berry good Cho is at the middle of the issue in cosplay costumes. it is unfolded on the publicity level.


have you ever thought about getting a relaxer again?

damn, it right now appeared , lifeless after she washed the relaxer out To Each Their Own Tho
it didn’t look like I idea it'd to be a relaxer.
THAT become MY FIRST concept... like wow
@christasia_s instantly concept the identical component.

now not whilst my silk press appears simply as exact if no longer higher
If y’all don’t have photographs it doesn’t be counted!
This almost seems criminal now.

 Like this the shit we want to be outlawing right right here banrelaxers
For actual.
 With all of the chemical substances, it should not go to your vehicle either. banrelaxers No disrespect to Madam CJ Walker or Garrett Augustus Morgan.

never once more...fool me once, shame on you. fool me can’t get fooled once more .
The “herbal hair” network is made from a number of maximum judgmental, maximum shaming women ever.
 lethumans do something they need with their hair!!!
shaunadani precisely I simply these days comfy my hair. still long still healthful and i don’t remorse it one bit.
i was relaxed from age 19-34. My hair turned into long, full, thick, had jump and body and in no way ever broke off!

a fewpeople realize how to take care of their hair! I went natural just to see what my herbal curls had been like.
If I need to relax, i can and that i don’t care what those self righteous, judgmental broads have to say about it.
I agree. i've been natural for 5 years. could be going again to relaxer in a pair weeks.
Hair is wholesome both way.
 thoseparents just want yo permit humans stay. it's their hair and they're free to do as they please.
I recognize women have to do what they need to their hair, however the chemical substances which can be in relaxers that move into your mind is higher than going natural?

 Been getting relaxers for ever and i am just as smartand wise than human beings who have continually been herbal and every so often smarter  people make up some thing.

Thats a chemical too. Does that “cross for your mind” too Thats hilarious
ur proper.
And for top motive tho- the relaxer isn't a healthful hair product.
 Its worse than hair color.
genuine we as ladies ought to discover ways to not decide each other however if u put it on the market on IG u gotta have a thick pores and skin for the scrutiny-  however i digress bc its i too with natural hair will say something regardless ofknowing its a non-public choice to use a relaxer or now not.

concept approximately it but no.
It’s 2019 I’ve come to some distance to revert lower back.

if someone has plenty of hair in their head, even after relaxing it there might be masses of body
my hair gave the look of a weave for all of the years i used to be cozy, no person believed it became my hair.
now and again women get a relaxer to melt their hair to make it managable for them.
 It doesnt must be bone straight. either manner you need to attend to your hair secure or herbal. It what works for you.
precisely! human beings in recent times make it seem like a criminal offense whilst a person relaxes their hair.
returnedin the day whilst we got relaxers our hair turned into healthy and strong.
 And it nonetheless is. it's all about the way you cope with your hair.
some ladies feel like they recognise everything or they try to inform you what is best for you there may be nothingincorrect with the relaxer and a few girls try to make you sense bad due to the fact you have a relaxer whilst it's none of their enterprise some of them need one
a few people sense like you have to use them because of the outcomes of relaxers.
 If humans knew the damage it causes i'm sure there would not have been as many humans the use of them as there had been within the beyond.
I don't ever need to relax my hair once more; however i'm additionally no longer going to knock all of us who does .
I dont approve of the way she turned into slicing shawtys hair although.


sunny leone Our lives are beautiful because you are in it !!

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sunny leone Our lives are beautiful because you are in it !!


sunny leone Our lives are beautiful because you are in it !!
 Sani Leon talks about her pornographic past with great pain!!
 Qatar cancels concert for Indian community due to porn actress!!
Sani Leon announces the birth of her twins through Instagram!!
Former Indian pornography star Sunny Leon: My husband is not a cuckold!! Porn star Sani Leon recognizes her love for this star!!

Our lives are grand because you give us your whole heart...
Everyday you love us and protect us and help us become a better version of ourselves...I love you so much baby and happy fathers day to the best dad and husband ever. Our lives have light because of you!

Such a beautiful picture God bless you all.


Drama: Angel's Last Mission: Love |EP 8

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Drama: Angel's Last Mission: Love |EP 8

Drama: Angel's Last Mission: Love |EP 8| this gave me goosebumps 😯😢 her acting skills are wow..
Episodes: /
Release Date: May 22, 2019
Runtime: Weds. & Thurs. 22:00
Cast: KimMyungSoo (L), ShinHyeSun.


lily collins Reunited with my little guy

Reunited with my little guy @burlybearpom during glam last night. Check out his @cartier cameo on @britishvogue...