Twice’s jihyo became friends with blackpink’s lisa and (g)i-dle’s minnie.

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Jihyo of twice explains how she became friends with blackpink's lisa and (g)i-minnie dle's

Even while everyone believes that idols from various groups are competing against one another, the truth couldn't be more different.

Long-time pals twice's jihyo and mina, blackpink's lisa, and (g)i-minnie dle's are four idols who have constantly drawn notice for their relationships...

Minnie thrilled fans in june when she released photographs and videos of the four idols in what appeared to be an adorable photo booth on her instagram, with the phrase "little but assured bliss."

The idols appeared to be having a good time, just like any other group of pals. The celebrities wore outlandish headgear and unleashed their inner insanity in the initial pictures.

The four seemed like typical best friends having fun at the photo booth.

Twice's jihyo appears to have finally revealed how she made pals with the female idols.

Jihyo recently featured in a gq korea video where she answered questions on various themes. Jihyo was specifically questioned about her renowned friendship group and how she met mina, lisa, and minnie.

Of course, jihyo's relationship with mina was clear, and she couldn't help but grin as she said, "mina and i, though?"

Of course, lisa and minnie were two different tales, and jihyo confessed that her connection with lisa shocked a lot of people. It was, nevertheless, something that dated back to the beginning of both celebrities' careers.

Anyway, back to this... Everyone is probably surprised that we're all pals. So i initially became friends with lisa. Like, far back when i was making my debut.

As if that wasn't enough, lisa, jihyo, and mina (together with sana) were all rumoured to have attended (g) i-latest dle's concert. Lisa also demonstrated her real fangirl status by carrying the group's lightstick at all times.