Janhvi kapoor claims that her social media profile helps her "pay her emis": "hopefully, if i seem nice, i get more brands."

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Janhvi kapoor recently talked out about her glitzy image on social media, which contrasts sharply with the basic innocent girl-next-door characters she plays in her films.

Janhvi kapoor's on-screen persona has been extremely different from her glamorous off-screen persona. While she has played the small-town girl next door in several of her films, the real janhvi is far more glamorous.

In a recent interview, the star addressed this disparity, stating that she used social media to "have fun" and pay off her emis. Also read: janhvi kapoor's father even if she burps, boney kapoor will say 'wah beta.'

Janhvi has played more sympathetic and middle-class characters in the majority of her films, including her most recent movie, mili. Her instagram, on the other hand, is chock-full of glossy pictures and carefully managed photoshoots. The actor stated that she has been informed several times that her differences make it difficult for audiences to accept her in non-glam parts.

"i have been told stuff like this," janhvi remarked in an interview with galatta plus. 'your films have a particular beat to them, and your social media presence is rather contradictory. If they keep seeing you in this outfit, it will make them less likely to purchase you as those characters.' i'm trying to keep myself from being so calculating. People may be confused if they see me in a manish malhotra saree and then in a kurta in a film. But that's my work, that's my craft. I'm quite passionate about it, and i want to be as open and honest about it as possible. But in real life, i'm not that person. That's exactly the purpose.

Janhvi stated that the purpose of her social media is for her to have fun and maybe get more sponsors on board to help her 'pay emis with greater comfort.' "i don't want to take it so seriously," she explained. My social media accounts are for me to have fun. Hopefully, if i appear nice and five more people like my photos, i'll acquire another brand and be able to pay off my emis more easily than before."

Mili, janhvi's film, was released in theatres on november 4th. The survival thriller is a remake of the malayalam hit helen, which was also directed by mathukutty xavier. The film performed poorly at the box office, earning less than 2 crore nett in its debut weekend.