Despite being busy with blackpink's ongoing global tour, jisoo took the time to send a nice gift to girl's day's hyeri!

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On october 29, hyeri took to instagram to report that jisoo had brought a coffee-and-churros truck to the set of her new drama "may i help you?", which debuted earlier this month.

"the coffee truck, churros, and snacks brought by kim jishoo [jisoo's name spelled in a charming style]," hyeri said, posting many images of herself smiling joyfully with the truck, its churros, and the lovely candy bags sent by jisoo. You must be quite busy with your crazy global tour, therefore i'm even more appreciative. Jisoo is unrivalled. My buddy, i adore you."

Soon after, jisoo replied to hyeri's post, saying, "my '1-per-100' [a reference to the literal korean title of 'may i help you?'], find strength!"

The banner atop jisoo's truck, which references the name of hyeri's character in the drama, says, "good luck, 'may i help you?'" dong joo, baek! Hyeri, you're one in a hundred."