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Maria Poroshina denies the affair with her colleague Yaroslav 2020.

Actress Maria Poroshina more than once heard these offensive words addressed to her. However, the actress denies the affair with her colleague Yaroslav  Boyko . Like, the father of her youngest child is a foreigne.

Maria Poroshina

In general, spit, from whom !!! She has children, many)))) and she is not like a glass at the end of our mortal life, they will drag ladles to her!  she has remarkably raised children) and she is a good mother)) sincere!  Maria Poroshina

absolutely right! Let's all go to the garden. We lived in a dumb scoop and were old-born at 28, I remained a widow at 37 and they all told me that you are no longer needed by anyone, but in the 90s, you had to survive with a child. And the upbringing in the family was “military,” etc. Now I would send far, get married and give birth to children before the age of 45, but the fear turned out to be stronger. And so ... everything went.  Maria Poroshina

What is the difference from anyone .... Especially famous people. You can’t shut your mouth to anyone. And for what ??? Gave birth, and thank God. Let the baby grow, health mom .  Maria Poroshina

The bigger, the better. And my children would have brothers and a sister. My grandfather had three wives, with all he lived and gave birth to eleven children. And neither of which all grew up and lived together. Let the baby grow. Happiness to him .

You can be a good mother and give birth to a bunch of children, if they are engaged in grandmothers, nannies, if the housework is assistants. And be in demand, and take part in projects. Why not.  Maria Poroshina

One of my favorite actresses❤️, she has true talent, and she’s a very nice person😍In addition, she’s very beautiful.  Maria Poroshina

Mariya Poroshina was born on 1 November 1973, into a family of actors. Her mother, Natalia Petrovna Krasnoyarskaya, now director at Bolshoi Theater, learned classical singing and performed romance) and period songs. Her father, Mikhaïl Ivanovitch Poroshin, was a soloist in the famous "Ensemble Berezka". Her grandmother was an opera singer.

Poroshina's parents divorced, and her mother remarries actor Dmitri Nazarov. He gets along well with his adopted daughter, checks her homework and questions her. She then has little free time. She studied at school n ° 59 (now 1286), specializing in the study of French, and learned to dance within the troupe of the "Ensemble Berezka".

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