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Johnny Depp libel case against The Sun newspaper 2020

Johnny Depp arrives at the High Court in London for the first day of his libel case against The Sun newspaper over allegations of domestic violence.

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You don’t deserve that Johnny Depp
This case is so intriguing to me, I actually believe in both or can’t imagine any of them inventing a story... it’s sad things came this way.

The actor, 57, wore a face mask and sunglasses as he walked into the court surrounded by more than 30 photographers.

His former wife Amber Heard, 34, arrived for the hearing wearing a red face mask and holding hands with two women.
The blockbuster trial is expected to last for three weeks.

Johnny Depp has been around for ever. Not one person said anything like that about him then here comes this upstart,Johnny needs justice, and I hope he gets it!

I hope they get to the truth of it, whatever that may be. I feel like the truth is most likely in the middle of both their accounts.

I do not think anyone knows all the ins and outs and the truth is probably someone in between their stories. Such a toxic situation. Hopefully till be resolved soon as it must be taking quite a severe mental toll on them both.

definitely, this was a horrible pairing. But it's one thing to be a shitty husband and another to be an abuser. That's what they're fighting for. As a public person, you can't have that stain on your image, it can ruin your career.

John Christopher Depp II (born June 9, 1963) is an American actor, producer, and musician. He has been nominated for ten Golden Globe Awards, winning one for Best Actor for his performance of the title role in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007), and has been nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Actor, among other accolades.

He is regarded as one of the world's biggest film stars.] Depp made his film debut in the 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street, before rising to prominence as a teen idol on the television series 21 Jump Street (1987–1990). He had a supporting role in Oliver Stone's 1986 war film Platoon and played the title character in the 1990 romantic fantasy Edward Scissor hands.

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 Johnny Depp & Amber Heard ,Johnny Depp movies, Johnny Depp - IMDb ,Johnny Depp Young ,Johnny Depp 2019 ,Johnny Depp 2020 ,Johnny Depp best movies, Johnny Depp net worth

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