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The most expensive skincare that stars depend on 2020

When it comes to skin care, most women are divided into two camps: there they don't change their skin care routine, and they use the same lotion and moisturizer from high school.
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 Another group adopts treatments such as Botox and acid peeling before any trace of wrinkles appears.

Perfect skin remains a concern for all women, especially Hollywood stars. So, you see their world full of secrets and aesthetic scares that fall within the framework of their daily routine and are one of their top priorities to show their best image.

We've picked 10 stars to discover the ways and products they use to pamper their beauty.

1-Kim Kardashian isn't keeping up with new trends, because she's simply one of her founders! Most often change skin care products in conjunction with their breasts.
 Start her day with a face wash such as Lancer Cleanse or Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser, then develop hyaluronic acid followed by Serum La Mer.

2-Celine Dion has a cool and distinctive voice alongside a clear skin despite the wrinkle marks she has shown thanks to her $2 million bedroom humidifiers to keep her vocal cords and skin hydrated all the time.

"There's a lot that they don't know, I don't enjoy perfect skin all the time.
3- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley summarizes the fact that skin, no matter how perfect, needs constant attention. She considers herself faithful to the preparations she uses to take care of her skin.

 She begins by washing her face with iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, then adopts cleansing milk that matches dry skin and removes makeup residue.

4-As for Madonna, despite her age, she has an example body thanks to an anti-cellulite device and sagging she got at home for $100,000.

5-This list can't be without the name of international star Rihanna, who has great hair and perhaps the secret to her perfect hair look is that she spends more than $25,000 a week to care for her hair.

6-As she got older, Victoria Beckham began to feel aesthetic stability, as she learned over time how to use the products that suither.
 Use bioderma wipes to remove make-up, then wash her face with a wash from Dr Lancer or Sarah Chapman, because she believes the skin needs to change the product so you don't get used to it.
7-After getting clean skin, Sarah Chapman uses 3D Moisture Infusion Mask to moisturize several times a week, with immediate after-use results.

8-Catherine Zeta-Jones also has a hair obsession, so she gets a weekly care session, but it costs far less than Rihanna's hair care, where she gets one session for $200.

9-Speaking of skin care, we need to talk about Jennifer Aniston, who spends more than $200,000 a year on skin care because she follows peeling sessions as well as wrinkle-prevention products that cost her $8,000 a week, along with other skin care techniques.

One of the strangest things that the stars have to do to get a perfect look is what Kelly Osbourne did, getting a nail polish for a quarter of a million dollars because it consists of small pieces of diamonds and she said she has no regrets about it.

10-International singer Jennifer Lopez spends $2,000 a week to exfoliate her skin only, following a special system that prevents the appearance of wrinkles and gives her a bright look that always allows her to post pictures without makeup or filters.

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