Soon Games 24 The Untold Secret To JADA PINKETT A RELATIONSHIP WITH AUGUST ALSINA 2020 ~ Soon Games 24


Jada Pinkett Smith confirmed she had a relationship with August Alsina while she and Will briefly separated. • 

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it’s clear that they went through years of healing and now can laugh about it lovingly... i hope others in similar situations can see this as a sign of hope restored.
  Jada Pinkett Smith

No sorry to say but I don’t believe she did. Relationships and marriage takes work. But you should not feel like you have to stay with someone who has betrayed you because that’s unconditional love.   Jada Pinkett Smith

what about the unconditional love that you owe to yourself? Indeed relationships and marriage takes work but most importantly resilience to get through the thick time. But choosing to walk away does not show a lack of love towards your partner but but strength in protecting your peace.  Jada Pinkett Smith

See foldable the prob right there...we have no proofs of him cheating unlike Jada’s case. Until we got some sort of confession or revelation is clean.  Jada Pinkett Smith

Imagine the outcry and subsequent cancelling Will admitted what Jada admitted with the exact same dismissive attitude she did.
  Jada Pinkett Smith

Y’all judging and shit, were probably someone’s side piece or had one at one point. Stop... shit happens it’s what you do next is what matters.
  Jada Pinkett Smith

exactly a lot of people on here are phony. They known damn well they got a work husband or wife in the office. Or they frequent strip clubs and have a fave. And some are even sneaking and cheating so..
  Jada Pinkett Smith

They're relationship was not perfect despite being dubbed as one of Hollywood's power couples. They were both broken and frustrated people despite loving each other. They had to separate in order to deal with issues that they had going inside them for a long time. They've had other flings and new experiences to help discover themselves again. Now they've "reunited" and made it to place where their love for each other is much stronger and easier. 
  Jada Pinkett Smith

Private life, he & she were under separation and there are interviews where they talk about their ”not so perfect” marriage. Who’s to blame? 20 years if a long time and after 10 many look outside the box, specially if their are under exchange or big egos type of relationships.... no ones business, each couple only knows what is cooking at home.
  Jada Pinkett Smith

 yeah , i cant imagine how hard it is to keep everything works in the marriage for so long.
  Jada Pinkett Smith

yes, I think they do have a marriage:
”a legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship”, just that the definition of their union may not be something that you or me may approve or accept.They still together today.
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will Smith, Jaden Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith Movies and TV Shows
August Alsina,Jada Pinkett ,Jada Pinkett Smith

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