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What Is APPLE DIET and How Does It Work?

Domesticated apples or common apples is a plant species that follows the apple genus and is a fruit because it contains seeds of the pink family.

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Its singularity is open edited and collected, and some varieties are considered a drink called "Cedar", one of the most agricultural fruit trees., so it is a fruit that helps the body to lose weight and burn fat.

What's apple's fast diet?
Apple diet, which depends on eating apples for all meals, whether at breakfast, lunch or even dinner, helps to feel full and reduce food intake.

What is apple diet and cucumber?
This diet contributes to the disposal of accumulated fat efficiently, in addition to the fact that this system provides the right amount of food that helps to feel full for a long time, this is due to the high fiber intake, in addition to being the only system that maintains the hydration of the body

What is apple and coffee diet ?
Coffee diet and its effectiveness in slimming weight have recently spread that coffee for weight loss is not just a myth, whether you like it hot or iced, coffee is about to become your new diet drink. In experimenting with ways to maximize the benefits of drinking.

What is yogurt and apple diet ?
Yogurt and apple diet for rapid slimming is one of the types of diet that is known for its merit in the rapid elimination of excess weight, and the essential element of this type of diet, is yogurt, because it contains a large percentage of high nutrients important to the body, it is a fast-acting dairy product in eliminating sagging, working to reduce weight, and burn fat.

Apple Diet Program: 5 Days

Day 1

Quantity: 1.5 k per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 2

Breakfast: Apple

Lunch: Apple + green salad with lemon + 2 pieces of low fat cheese.

Dinner: Apple

Day 3

Breakfast: Apple fruit + bran bread slice + slice of non-greasy meat such as rabbit or chicken.

Lunch: Apple fruit + green salad dish + 2 carrots + quarter onions (you can chew a little mint leaves to eliminate the smell of the mouth).

Dinner: Apples in a moderate amount.

Day 4
Breakfast: Medium-sized apple fruit + slice of whole grain bread + low fat grilled steak.

Lunch: Apple fruit + green salad dish (raw vegetables) except potatoes + 200 grams of tuna or salmon.

Dinner: Eat apples in a moderate amount + a plate of whole grains + a cup of skimmed milk.

Day 5
Breakfast: Apple fruit + boiled egg + slice of whole grain bread.

Lunch: Apple fruit + raw vegetable salad or boiled vegetables + 200 grams grilled beef or 200 grams boiled chicken (no skin) or grilled.

Dinner: Eat apples in moderate amounts.

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