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What is apple diet and how does it work?

What is apple diet and how does it work? Domesticated apples or common apples is a plant species that follows the apple genus and is a fruit because it contains seeds of the pink family.

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What is apple diet and how does it work? 

Its singularity is open edited and collected, and some varieties are considered a drink called "cedar", one of the most agricultural fruit trees., so it is a fruit that helps the body to lose weight and burn fat.

Apple diet program: 5 days

Day 1

Quantity: 1.5 k per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 2

Breakfast: apple

Lunch: apple + green salad with lemon + 2 pieces of low fat cheese.

Dinner: apple

Day 3

Breakfast: apple fruit + bran bread slice + slice of non-greasy meat such as rabbit or chicken.

Lunch: apple fruit + green salad dish + 2 carrots + quarter onions (you can chew a little mint leaves to eliminate the smell of the mouth).

Dinner: apples in a moderate amount.

Day 4
Breakfast: medium-sized apple fruit + slice of whole grain bread + low fat grilled steak.

Lunch: apple fruit + green salad dish (raw vegetables) except potatoes + 200 grams of tuna or salmon.

Dinner: eat apples in a moderate amount + a plate of whole grains + a cup of skimmed milk.

Day 5
Breakfast: apple fruit + boiled egg + slice of whole grain bread.

Lunch: apple fruit + raw vegetable salad or boiled vegetables + 200 grams grilled beef or 200 grams boiled chicken (no skin) or grilled.

Dinner: eat apples in moderate amounts.

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