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Love frames from Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman 2020

Love frames from ebru şahin and cedi osman ebru şahin is a talented actress, who achieved widespread fame after starring in the famous turkish series "hercai".

And since then she became one of the most prominent turkish actresses in the world, having translated her series into many languages in a number of countries, especially in the middle east.

News spread about a relationship between ebru şahin and the turkish actor tolga sarıtaş, who was seen with her several times.

And the turkish press confirmed at the time that they had an emotional relationship, and revealed that they were enjoying their vacation in a nightclub in the imrigan district of istanbul.
And when they went out together a group of pictures were taken without their knowledge flirting, and they took the same car when they left

This news has been denied several times, and ebru şahin and tolga sarıtaş are said to be just close friends, and that there is no way to link them.

Ebru şahin, who climbed the career ladder, posed for the first time after being screened with cedi osman on the alaçatı holiday.

Having a meal in a restaurant alone
The duo once again showed their passionate love to their followers through their social media posts.

Cedi osman basketball player , who ,played in the nba.

Ebru şahin and cedi osman, who appeared to have a love affair very recently, continue their holiday in çeşme,were reflected on the lens the next day in alaçatı.

Ebru şahin shared the love photos taken with her lover cedi osman from instagram. In the social media, where many famous names shared photos of their love in short intervals, the frames of osman and şahin attracted great attention.

Hundreds of thousands of likes and comments came to the sharing in a short time. Cedi did not go unnoticed when he put a heart emoji under the sharing.

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