Elçin sangu i̇yi günde kötü günde turkish series with the start of the show of the story of the series in the bad and bad on september 12, 2020 ,the beloved actress elçin sangu returns to the screens with a new series "for good and bad/ i̇yi günde kötü günde,the turkish series is classified as romantic in nature.

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Elçin sangu i̇yi günde kötü günde good day and bad day turkish series.

İyi günde kötü günde o3 medya :

The series is produced by o3 medya for star tv the series is scheduled to air in september.

Screenwriter axel bonneville, who wrote scripts for a series of series, such as "conservatives", "cherry season" and "love doesn't understand by words".

Director parrish erchin, who has filmed series such as "my sweet lie" and "mary"

İyi günde kötü günde turkish series:

The story of the turkish series, in good and bad, revolves around the character of leila, who had to prepare the wedding of the man she left at the wedding table,in the meantime, a turkish series expects viewers to achieve high viewership due to the power of the script and the actors.

Modern beginnings, amazing love, dreams that are the reason for marriage. What if all these measures are turned upside down by the unexpected movement of destiny, you won't be able to hold back your laughter throughout seeing lily, sareb and melissa's tangled connection. You will be addicted to that hot novel packed with surprise and pleasure.

The heroes of the series in good and bad include:

Elçin sangu, ozan dononai, yasmine allen, chennai gurler, deria alapura, nergis kombasar, hakan salnemish and sinan albayq.

The events range from excitement, romance and fun in the story of a series in good and bad and in which successive events leave a beautiful effect within the followers, and the show began in september this and is expected to continue for several months as a long series, as is the habit in turkish series in which the directors tend to prolong the episodes and events that are included in the series to stay episodes for as long as possible.

We continue to reveal the story of a series in good and bad and find out what it contains of subsequent events in the series, being the subject of great interest and follow-up with the start of the presentation of its episodes, and there are many events that please see and reveal the events filled with pleasure and suspense and graduality in the events that are shown in the episodes of the series.

The correct meaning of the name of the series:

İyi günde kötü günde is "for good and bad" which is a phrase commonly used in the marriage contract and this is what the story of the series says.

DefenAge® Clean Beauty

So this name will be adopted instead of "on a good and bad day" to indicate the meaning more clearly.

When you take something you deserve, don't thank the person in front of you.

That's when the one in front of you thinks he's done you a favor.

The percentage of the first episode of the series in the first and the bad #i̇yigündekötügünde:

- total | 8th | 2.5

- ab | 4th | 2.98

- abc1 | v | 3.24

Elçin sangu (born 13 august 1985)[1] is a turkish actress and model of circassian descent.

With her appearance on television ads and campaigns, she has become one of the highest paid celebrities in turkey.

Sangu is best known for her leading role defne in the star tv romantic comedy series kiralık aşk (2015–2017).

For this work, she has been nominated and has received multiple awards in turkey, including three golden butterfly awards.

Sangu also appeared in the television series öyle bir geçer zaman ki (2011), aşk kaç beden giyer (2012–2013), bir aşk hikâyesi (2013–2014), kurt seyit ve şura (2014), and sevdam alabora (2015).

Summary of episode 1 of the series for good or worse:

1. Cold matte expressionless hand-in-hand sangu acting 

2. Rental ask covet crash scenario

Gay assistant added as an edge ornament to 3rd comedy series

4. Manicurist and servants who see the violent

Jasmine allen, who lost to the 5th side role

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