Morgenstern won the moda topical award morgenstern won the moda topical award this year in the category "woman of the year".

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Morgenstern won the moda topical award 

The rapper changed into a woman and appeared in front of photographers in furs and a dress, and then threw a bouquet to journalists.
Ksenia borodina didn’t like all this and she was indignant from the stage: “i don’t want to wake up in this world where morgenstern becomes“ woman of the year ”.

Have us that women in russia have died out? " to which morgenstern shouted to her, "do you see this statuette?" and left in english.

  • And where does the beard go? 😂 to whom to whom, but not to her to discuss🤷‍♀️,i'm purely interested, is he it? Or on what basis did they determine that he was a woman?,it is normal for young people to come and drive the old people under the lock,ahaha, did he hurt someone with that? .
  • Did he humiliate someone with this? Did he do something bad that made the life of those who write angry comments worse? I'm sure that no 😁 he gets used to everything that happens in this world and doesn’t care and i spend time commenting to explain this to you.
  • Well, it is clear that he is not himself. But i still have a question ... Who writes these posts? Illiterate, although the endings and punctuation marks would be checked ,what kind of country is this where in the morgue member the undeserved statuettes are given?.
,this is the way to the rainbow road guys, come to your senses 🤦‍♂️,@yury_iron_bullzwell, yes, our average minds do not understand how a man received a women's award. Schizos have always been famous for their resourcefulness
He wanted everyone's asses to burn and he achieved it. But narrow people do not understand this,morgenstern , he is generally insane in my opinion, disfigured himself and sings delirium,i like morgen, now such a time on the site is only the strongest, the most powerful .

  • Otherwise you will sing a good dawn one scribble on the radio and all the prospect on this 😂 he goes powerfully ... And this work is not so simple as for us it seems ... 🙌 i love morgen, i don’t know why 🤗 you can look at him forever ... He burns from the inside ... Сделал made himself for the stage ... Maybe an ordinary guy at home too .. Any work gives results ... The same with buzova, by the way ... What is called the dog barks, the caravan is coming! 💥

On september 8, the national style awards 2020 were held at the triumph banquet hall, where the names of the most stylish and successful show business stars were named according to moda topical magazine.
 Yulia kovalchuk won the award and received the title "life style".
  1. Moda topical and beautix presented the 11th annual topical style awards 2019!  On may 22, 2019, the annual "topical style" star award was held at one of the most stylish venues in moscow, the seagull restaurant.

  2. Moda topical magazine and best health and beauty center present the 10th breakthrough star annual award of 2020!As part of the event, an online championship will be held with the opportunity to compete for the title of the best master in its category and get a cup. 
  • The judges and experts will choose the winner. The best of the best will receive awards in various categories.
  • A separate block of the event will be devoted to the most successful in the field of business. “business women & men award” - this is how this part of the evening will be named, during which statuettes will be presented to entrepreneurs.