scarlett johansson Marvel black widow on hold Marvel fans who were gearing up to see ‘black widow’ in november may need to put those plans on hold,as has been speculated recently,we’re not gonna have any movies coming to theatres folks that’s the reality we live in now.

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scarlett johansson Marvel black widow on hold

Maybe next year will be different,but maybe it won’t it seems disney is looking to delay the upcoming superhero flick yet again as uncertainty at the box office looms .

So, will you release it for $30 or for every disney+ subscriber for free like onward. Cause onward was fucking amazing and made me not regret canceling my subscription if content like that would be releasing like that due to the pandemic.

It would be $30. Onward had it’s time in theaters cut short because of the pandemic, but it made it’s budget back. At the same time, the studio is also probably going to alter its plans for pixar's latest ‘soul’, which could end up heading straight to streaming and skip theaters altogether.

Soul might cost a little less, but i’d be shocked if it was free. Pixar has been working on soul for at least 4-5 years, so to see that put on disney+ would be disappointing.

But i'd at least like to know the results of how much mulan made to see if it even made enough to cover the cost of production and all that other stuff.

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Rumor has it that mulan made around $40 million on disney+. It made around the same from china’s box office...Considering the controversy surrounding it, i’d say that’s pretty good, I’m thinking it’ll break even ($200 million) when it goes to other video on demand services and the blu ray/dvd is released. I don’t expect to see a sequel tho. That’s unfortunate because i enjoyed this version of mulan.

I was hoping it wouldn't make its money back and they'd release future films at a cheaper price online.

Ik better than to think people would boycott the film, but if they made a profit for releasing it at $30 means they'll keep doing it until they do something else.

$30 isn’t terrible, but it isn’t all that great either. 😂 that being said, i’d rather pay $30 to keep a movie with my subscription than spend $20-$25 to rent a movie for 48 hours. (trolls 2 and scoob! Dd this.

😐) i think disney could do even better if they released soul for $20-$25 instead of $30, but i don’t think they’ll come down. They definitely won’t budge on the price with black widow if that goes to premier access. I’m really hoping they’ll do a dual (disney+ & theatrical) release for soul and black widow so people can choose how to experience the movies. But, we will see.

The new work stars scarlett johansson, co-starring international actor florence boog, robert downey jr., rachel weisz, david harbor, william hurt, ray winston, ya t.Fagenbel, michelle lee, oliver richters, ahmed becker, yolanda linz, jade ma, nana blundell, sheena west.

This film is the first of scarlett johansson's films in which she plays the title role around her character in the events of the series avengers, and she is the only one of the heroes of the action that did not do so after the end of the series, where marvel has adopted a policy in which she assigned all the heroes to different works of individuality except scarlett, who only appeared in the events of previous films without having a single film about her character, which makes the film wait for many of her audience, especially after her death events in the events of the last part of the avengers.

A lot of events can change before marvel begins to develop a script and story, but it is certain, according to the report posted on the "cheatsheet", that scarlett johansson will lead the new avengers team.

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