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10 Celebrities businesses who are successful outside of their career which made them famous!

Celebrities businesses Epic10list here are 10 celebrities with successful businesses and investments outside of acting .

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Celebrities businesses 

1-jessica alba:

ever she had children her priorities shifted and she started a business called the honest company this company tries to protect children and families from toxic chemicals by promoting toxic free home care and personal products .

2-gemini rweese itherspoon :

she has started a fashion company called draper james this business venture is named after her grandparents she focuses on manufacturing quality everyday clothing for people

3- ashton kutcher :

he has made a big name for himself in the world of technology by cope cramming a business venture called a great investments

kim kardashian west may soon be taking over the world of home decor .

4- jared leto :

this oscar-winning actor has been attracted to the venture world of capital businesses he is invested in various silicon valley startups like spotify and nest

 5-Robert de niro:

not many people know that he has a considerable stake in investment in the nobu sushi restaurant chain all over the world with an estimated value at a quarter of a billion dollars .

6-jessica simpson:

 when her career stalled as an actress and a singer she shifted to other ventures and started her own jessica simpson's collection of fashion brands and is making over 1 billion dollars with it before tyra banks this retired model is now the head of bankable productions that manages various shows and events she's also launched her own line of cosmetic brands

7- paris hilton:

 she knows how to build up brands she has 45 stores in her name in 40 countries these stores sell perfumes and apparel

8- fitties:

said he had a big stake in vitaminwater before it was bought up by coca-cola he also has invested in precious metals and various other boxing promotions

The top pinoy celebrities businesses you don't know of the famous in the philippines

9.10  mary-kate and ashley olsen:

these twins open up their fashion line of business to promote their sheet style brands of clothing and collaborated with walmart almost nine years ago  there's other celebrities who are famous and wealthy from other business ventures let us know about them .

Which Hollywood celebrities are the richest As Entrepreneurs ?

Tonight's et expose the hidden world of autograph hounds problem is is like pawn is going after a piece of meat the chum in the waters like sharks i've made several million dollars in this industry it's a very profitable business that rebel wilson called attention to with her recent tweet hey professional autograph hunters stop stalking me.

because i'm not signing your pics that you sell online guys wait here for the real fans not for the ones who are trying to make money selling us stuff selling rebels autographed nets around seventy dollars he can go way up from there paul mccartney autograph from both from anywhere from like a thousand to twelve hundred mick jagger's even more up to twenty five hundred getting mick jagger to sign anything it is next to impossible unless you're a female and you have good looks.

Which Hollywood celebrities are the richest As Entrepreneurs ?

those guys hustling for autographs the rapper's have a strategy bring multiple picks if it's a dude and he has eight teen eight-by-ten glossies so you sign a couple say hey he's a working guy could be doing worse but i'm not gonna sign anything then for tyler manning in in new york .

it's all where you stand if it's more of a barricades and i move and try to anticipate where they're gonna hit the barricade sarah jessica that doesn't work when sarah jessica parker goes into letterman without signing she's gone straight in which brings us to another strategy be patient we're just gonna stand here and wait later parker comes out in signs after all i kind of just dumped my hand underneath somebody else's hand and just scribble their little autograph on there.

what industry has made the most billionaires Choosing the right industry

and there's waiting all night for pros and fans another must be prepared giovanni arnold in new york has a bag full of swag at all times i got my microphones my baseballs nonetheless at this pre met gala event he comes up empty sort of anna wintour that photograph isn't worth much five ten dollars peanuts but it's something.

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