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Billie eilish sneakers no one can agree on what color these shoes are .

billie eilish shared some photos and video of her sneakers that have the internet completely divided. It’s like "the dress" all over again!

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Billie eilish sneakers 

No one can agree on what color these shoes are. Alright, so it’s been over five years since this dress made us all question everything we thought we knew. Friend groups and families were divided with some people on team “black and blue” while others swore the dress was “white and gold.”

The dress became a viral sensation with more than 10 million tweets about it in one week. And just in case you were still wondering, the color of the dress was eventually confirmed as black and blue, but the pic created a ton of conversations about color perception.

Then in 2018, we had the “laurel” vs. “yanny” debacle, which was similar to the dress, but this time it was an auditory illusion. The internet was divided yet again. On a twitter poll with over 500,000 votes, 53 percent reported the word "laurel", while 47 percent reported hearing "yanny.”

And now, here we are in 2020 and we find ourselves at another optical illusion crossroads. This time, billie eilish took to her instagram stories to show off a pair of nike air sneakers. Billie joked that her dad claimed the sneakers were “pink and white,” after actually talking about the infamous viral dress on her stories before that. Billie saying the sneakers obviously were not pink and white, but rather “mint and white”. Take a look at how it came about: “so listen, you guys are all like my dad…. Pink and white?! Omg!”

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But after billie shared that clip to her stories, it appears that a lot of fans must have also said they looked pink and white, because when you see them in that video, not gonna lie, but you actually kinda see pink and white, right? Billie then showed her shock and disbelief of what fans were seeing, with the caption “not you guys saying they’re pink and white too” billie then went on to share pictures of the shoes she found online and also circling the the listing that described them as “mint and white” billie joked saying “straight to hell you go” in respect of everyone who was seeing pink and white not mint and white.

And, side note, we’ve gotta say, billie’s stories on this whole topic were so entertaining and fun to watch, she really was passionate about getting her point across. Billie then took to her stories with the shoes again, baffled how people could see them as “pink and white” “i don’t know what happened to you in your f****ing childhoods, but…that’s what you’re going with? Pink and white?!” wanting to set the record straight one and for all, billie took to the internet once again to show the description of the shoes online, joking that fans are going to hell “yeah, so you’re all going to hell.

Look!” ok, so they definitely look mint on the website, but fans could not help but see pink in the clips of billie with the shoes irl. Billie then continued to share a series of pictures of her wearing the shoes from previous shoots and telling fans that she does not care what people think they saw in the first video.

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There were a lot more videos billie posted, and even seemingly having someone else, who may have been her mother, pick up the shoes and weigh in, saying they actually saw mint, pink and a little bit of white. But billie wasn’t done... “you’re gonna sit here and tell me that that and that is the same as that. That’s what you’re gonna tell me right now. You think those are the same f**king colors?” and this is when the internet erruputed. It wasn’t only billie’s dad who thought the shoes were pink and white.

Fans started to share what they saw and the majority saw pink and white. “no dude i’m still pressed about this cause the whole internet is gaslighting me. There are bigger problems in the world.” our sister publication cosmo is running a poll and currently 97% of readers are seeing pink and white over the mint color. But honestly though, i now see both! I don’t know. If that’s just me, let me know if any of you guys saw both too. I feel like the more billie says mint, i start to see mint, but before that i was seeing a straight up dusty pink - not a bright pink! But really i think it might be a dirty white, looking a little pinkish. I don’t know man, i’m so confused! “yeah so i’ve come to the conclusion that you guys just don’t know your sneakers at all because the people that agree with me because they know what the f**k the shoe looks like are all people that are sneakerheads.”

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but all that didn’t convince fans, people have been taking to twitter to share their reactions to billie’s optical illusion shoes. This person wrote “billie eilish has to be colorblind those shoes are pink and white.” another fan tweeted saying “billie the shoes are pink and mint!!” this twitter user grabbed swatches of each of the colors and wrote “billie please explain to me on what universe these are the same shoes.” another person said “been looking at those mf shoes for too long and i can only see mint and white now-” and this fan was just here for the fun writing “billie eilish getting into a heated argument over the colour of her shoes is one of the highlights of my day.”

You know what, me too. So clearly, the internet is extremely divided again. But based on billie’s screenshots and the way shoes look on nike’s site it appears that the shoes are in fact mint and white, regardless of how billie’s looked in the videos. As this debate was coming close to a close, billie continued to share clips of her shoes alongside other shoes that were in fact pink, further illustrating her point that they can no way look like the same color. And to wrap up and conclude where this all ended, billie took to her stories to say quote “so we all know that i’m right here, even if you see something else, you know that i’m right, underneath it all, right?” before jokingly sharing this: “and real quick, before you keep arguing or whatever the f***, the entire internet has been calling me fat for a week so let me have this, let me have this.”

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Oh billie we love you so much and the internet has actually been defending you, because you are beautiful! To see what billie was talking about, click right over here for another clevver news video. But please don’t go anywhere without letting me know what color you guys saw down in the comments below. I’ve gotta know if you’re team pink and white or team mint and white. Honestly the longer i look at it, the colors keep changing from pink to mint, i’m so confused!

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