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How To Get business email leads with tcf email minor now

How To Get business email leads with tcf email minor now if you've not got across tcf email minor before it's a data mining software which mines for email addresses in the public domain on the world wide web based on keywords that you want to use.

How To Get business email leads
 business email leads

now the web has almost a limitless amount of data on it which makes the web a very attractive source of customer leads that you can potentially translate into revenues and profits for your business in the case of tcf email miner we target email business contact information which has already been gathered by the major search engines once you've finished your search you can import the email addresses you get from the tcf in maimana into a mailing software .

Business email compromise product or your service:

so you can contact those business leads about your product or your service ,how an accountancy business might use the software to get email leads and what to do with them next it's exactly the same principles will apply to virtually any sort of business right okay so let's first up let's jump into the software okay i've already set up a search looking for email leads just to get things started so in the example i've given which is an accountancy company we're looking for new clients so i probably want to target other businesses so what i do is i put in one or more keywords into tcf email minor which would match potential business clients so in the accountancy example that might be real estate agents dentist dry cleaners hair salons restaurants.

Business email hosting in one keyword :

the list is endless you can just put in one keyword or you can put in multiple kit ones by just putting a comm between each keyword really what i've done here now then all you gotta do is press the start button the tcf email miner is a simple start/stop tool it's easy and it's very fast to use you can even target by country so if you're go into settings you can target by any one of 200 countries that we've got loaded up so i'm just searching searching for all here at the moment and i found all how many found we've got 4000 606 email addresses so far and we're roughly five percent of the way through so you can sort of work out exactly the sort of volume of email addresses that you can get i'm just searching still searching for real estate and estate agents but i've got up in the top here.

Business email address free export the email addresses:

 i've got lots and lots of keywords in that i'm looking for so this is gonna bring back a lot so when that's finished mining you can export the email addresses into a text file or into an excel csv format and then you can import them into a bulk mailing software in terms of sending out the emails to these leads you can't put these into your gmail or your outlook or anything like that you can't import them into an autoresponder service either at this point these email addresses are just contact points for an initial communication they're not opted in subscribers in your mailing list is just raw and in short contact points plus because of the volume of email addresses you're potentially going to get from tcf email miner you don't want to import these into a service which charges you based on the number of email addresses so for the initial emails the best way to send out the first mail is by using a bulk mailer software which can handle the volume at a low one-off price .

Business email account free plenty of software :

there are plenty of software's out there but feel free to message me if you want to know which ones we currently recommend so the first email you send is the most important and with the accountant example i'd suggest sending out something of value to that business rather than just pitch your business direct to them after all most of these businesses will already have an accountants so just pitching yourself as an alternative accountant it's probably going to fail so you need to be a bit more imaginative on the first email to get them interested so if it was me i'd be trying to tempt them into joining my main opt-in mailing list and to do that i'll be offering them what we call a lead magnet this needs to be something of immediate benefit to them and in this example i'm gonna offer them four tips to cut their tax bill okay .

Business email best practices legal ways :

let's read the mail so the headline is the top four clever but perfectly legal ways of cutting your tax bill would all like to pay tax but real tax avoidance seems to be the preserve of multinational companies such as starbucks and starbucks and google but there are some legitimate ways we mere mortals can reduce the amount of tax we pay click here to discover four simple and quick things you can do to reduce your tax bill today ok so even if you already got another accountant then the content and they see mail on the headline should be enough to get them tempted and check your tips out if i've received this mail i'll be thinking hmm is this something my accountant has told me about or not .

Business email buy clever methods :

i better check this out plus the email is telling them that these are clever methods and it's something they can potentially action today so it delivers an immediate value if you offer something of a media and actionable value then whatever your business type this sort of immediate value led offer should get you clicks in terms of what happens next my chosen method when we use the leads we get from tcf email miner is to get them to join one of our main opt-in mailing lists you don't have to do this but it's a useful filter to see who's really interested by getting them to join your subscriber mailing list and giving you permission to continue to mail them that's quite important so on the email the clickable link can take them to several directions you could either take them straight to your blog or website with the tax tips on there or you take them to a landing page first where they need to give you their name and their email address in order to join your mailing list and to get the information if what you're offering them on the email is a value and its relevance then you will all most likely get them to subscribe i mean you could put a subscribe button on your website but you're most likely you're not gonna get as many subscribers.

Business email best much smaller amount :

 it's gonna be a much smaller amount because you're gonna give them the value but they don't have to give you anything in return so they could just walk away at that point what you'd have to do i mean you will have gone on their radar and they will see who you are but once they've read the information they're most likely just going to leave your website and you've got to hope that they come back or get in touch you with the vast majority are not going to do you'll most likely need to continue to deliver value to build up the relationship and the interest before getting them to become a customer so my preferred route is to send them to a landing page first on which they need to give you their name and their email address in exchange for the information once they've submitted the contact details then you forward them to your blog it to your website where the information would be that you've promised setting up a landing page is really really easy we do it one of two ways some of our websites are using wordpress and if you've got a wordpress website you can use a plug-in called optimized press which allows you to drag and drop landing pages .

Business email create really easy to use :

really really easy to use that integrate into all the main mailing list services like get response in any weber we also use get response to build landing pages which is also really really easy let's hop into my get response account and i'll give you a quick example okay this is the landing page screen from get response and i said it's really really easy because you can literally just pick one of their existing templates and if it has curt's download it here lots and lots of different templates for landing pages let's click on this one here as an example so this one is for a free ebook they're literally drag and drop you can just pick one of these you can reuse exactly as it is you probably tweak some of the details there's another good one it's quite a popular one you'd literally change the headings and everything it's really easy to do and there are lots and lots and lots of them as you can see you can search in here by most popular so these are the most popular ones that people are using or the conversion rate so get response is quite good because it knows how many clicks how many opt-ins these pages for there are getting for all their customers.

Business email domain tweaking the details :

 so these ones at the top here are doing really well already so it's worth looking at these and tweaking the details you can also start from scratch so you can also just build your at your own and build your own templates and it's all drag-and-drop it's really really easy to go and these linty great into the mailing list that you'll set up on get response as well as lots of other software's out there aweber does exactly the same and there's lots of other software's but these are the cut these are the two ways we do it we use optimize press if we've got on our wordpress blogs and if you want to stuff standalone landing page we use get response okay so once you've got them on your mailing list it's gonna let you allow you to continue the conversation and provide value because they're basically giving you permission to continue to mail them .

Business email design that initial lead :

so tcf pmo minor has got you that initial lead you've been able to communicate with them offer them something of value and then they've opted to join into your main mailing this you can as i said you can continue that conversation okay so once they're on your mailing list there are a few things you could do you could send out a regular newsletter with useful tips and news on and that's actually something my accountant does so certainly if my accountant wasn't and suddenly a new accountant came along and he's given me great tips and value each month then there's a good chance i might switch to this new accountant and that's the point of it the next thing you can do is that you can put them on an automated email sequence into a sales funnel basically which something like get response which you just a look at can do it too for you so that automates the sales process and conversion that each new customer who joins your mailing list receives so what you're related what you're basically able to do with something like a get response is set up an automated sequence of emails that go out they go out each day or every couple of days or once a week .

Business email ending a dog emails :

whatever frequency you want but you can set up all that on all of autopilot okay third thing lastly you can send out a dog emails so if you've written a new useful article on your blog or your website you can mail that out to them so there are lots and lots of options for engaging with them once they become subscriber now this example was for an accountancy company business but this will literally work for almost any type of business so it just needs a little bit of clever imagination and thought to make that first email magic and engaging and get them to either subscribe or take a look at your business or your service so let's have a quick look back at them out there are the minors getting on ok we're up to four thousand seven hundred sixty-five email leads for my imaginary accountancy company we're only six percent of the way through so this is going to get me an enormous amount of leads okay i'm gonna let that carry on hope you enjoyed that video and got value from it and i'll catch you later.

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