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Katrina kaif review with her amazing acting skills and beauty.

Katrina kaif review what's up bollywood. It's been more than 15 years since katrina kaif became the part of bollywood and now she rules many hearts with her amazing acting skills and beauty. 

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Katrina kaif review

To know shocking facts about katrina kaif that you don't know.. Her fans knows that she was first seen in a b grade bollywood film in 2003 called boom. 

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But it was reportedly not supposed to be katrina’s first film. She was first cast by mahesh bhatt in saaya but later she was dropped, because she couldn’t speak hindi at all. Katrina was the only woman who ­featured in the top 10 of the indian version of forbes in 2013. This list was based on the income and ­popularity of india’s biggest entertainers.

That time katrina had an estimate of annual earning of rs 66cr. Katrina had also worked in a telugu film. For her telugu film malliswari in 2004, she reportedly charged rs 75 lakh, the highest amount paid to a female actor at that time, in south india ­cinema.

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Not many know but katrina belongs to india. Although she is half british and half indian. Her father, mohammed kaif, is a brit businessman of kashmiri descent. Katrina kaif is not her real name. Not many know but in her debut film, boom’s producer ayesha shroff changed her second name from turquotte to kaif, as she felt that it wasn’t easy to ­pronounce.

Katrina doesn’t like being called ‘kat’. She said in an interview, "honestly, i don’t like it when people call me kat, i don’t know who coined this name," katrina started her modelling career in the age of 14.

She was home-schooled by her mother suzanne, in the aid of correspondence courses. Katrina began modelling professionally in london, and during one of the fashion shows as a part of london fashion week, it is believed that filmmaker kaizad gustad saw katrina for the first time and offered her boom (2003).

Katrina is slightly superstitious. She apparently visits the siddhivinayak temple and mount mary church in mumbai, and dargah sharif in ajmer before her films’ release.

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Katrina has been living in india for over a decade now, but being a british citizen, she works on an employment visa here.
I hope these facts were something that you didn't know before.

Katrina you should have "parathe" over there. “parathe papad”. - you should eat that.

Great idea! Great idea! - we can directly go there after the show, for the meal. - yes. You’ll get “parathas” made by auntie. What comes to mind when i take the name katrina kaif? 'sheela ki jawani.' what comes to mind when i take the name kartik aryan? Energy. - you are a gwalior boy. - yes.


What are your memories of indore? I have eaten lots of “parathas”, in the lane, there.

My aunty lives there. I used to go to her house a lot, in indore. Katrina you should have "parathe" over there.

You get good “papad parathas” over there. - you should have that. - hundred percent. Hundred percent. Right? I am going to have all of this, just the minute i get off stage. - on stage. - i fit into my costume. - or just before. - that energy is of a different level. You get superb energy.

Great idea! Great idea! You'll enjoy it. I am not kidding. There, it’s a night market, where they go to eat food. It’s a buffet. I mean, you'll fall short of food in any shop. We can directly go there after the show, - for the meal. - yes. Hundred percent. Good idea, andre? We'll go there after the show. - to the “paratha” lane. - done.

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She'll get to eat the “paratha” made by aunty? Yes, she’ll get that too. I shall surely get it. I shall get in a tiffin. Fantastic! Such a sweet co-performer, you know. So, we’ve got a massive line up of stars. Sabhas just mentioned the line-up. So, i am going to throw their names. What comes to your mind, when i take these star performers, performing in the next iifa awards, indore? What comes to your mind when i say shahrukh khan? Kartik aryan. - king of romance. - king of romance. What comes to your mind when i say jacqueline fernandez? I can also answer that.

Yeah, both of us. Belly dancing. Pole dancing. I was going to say that. You have a suggestion, whether you want to see her doing belly dancing, pole dancing at the iifa? What would you prefer? She is good at dancing. She is very good at dancing. Yeah, i’ll get back. Hritik roshan.

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Kind of dance, i think. Yeah you can’t repeat the same thing she says. - yes. - different. About hritik roshan. 'ghoongroo'. I am extremely excited to see his perform him on the stage. - i am extremely excited about 'ghoongroo'.

Yes. We’ve not seen those songs, yet on stage. So, yeah! I mean, ‘dhoom macha le’. ‘dhoom macha le’. Okay! Katrina kaif. You can’t give him suggestions. You can’t pre-empt his answers. Nobody saw. - nobody saw it. - we can see it all. You have to answer on your own. - she won’t be allowed to cheat. - you tell it. I won’t! I am asking you the question. What comes to mind when i take the name katrina kaif? Sheela ki jawani. What comes to mind when i take the name kartik aryan. Such a long pause.

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Kartik you have to help her now. I was thinking carefully. Energy. Fantastic! High on energy! This time, the energy is three to four time more, right? A lot, sir. Madhya pradesh, are you ready for both of them? Okay! Our host, salman khan. Entertainment. I think it’s fantastic he’s hosting, this year, in indore. I think it’s going to bring the excitement, to the next level. I can only imagine how much the crowd are going to be enjoying this night. Ritesh deshmukh. Talent. Talented. King of comedy.

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