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Kendall jenner awareness to mental health in hopes of ending the stigma surrounding

Kendall jenner is teaming up with a famous fashion designer to bring awareness to mental health in hopes of ending the stigma surrounding mental health issues in america.

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Kendall jenner mental health

Now more than ever, it seems we could all use a little mental health therapy and thanks to many celebs like kendall jenner who are using their platform for good, we’re coming that much closer to destigmatizing mental health in the u.S.

After being open about her own mental health issues in the past, kendall just revealed that she’s teaming up with fashion designer kenneth cole to launch a campaign in recognition of mental health awareness month. While appearing on good morning america earlier today, kendall and kenneth chatted about the campaign, called the mental health coalition, which is set to bring together mental health resources and service providers for people to easily access.

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Kenneth said quote, “our goal is if we could figure out how to destigmatize it and ultimately create a safe place for people to address their circumstances and talk about it and ultimately rebrand mental health conditions.” kendall was quick to agree, adding that this opportunity couldn’t have come to her at a more perfect time. Take a look: kenneth added that there seems to be a lack of a ‘safe place’ for people to share their struggles, saying that in doing so, they would “find so much comfort and get so much from sharing your experiences with others who are on the same journey.”

he also added that this coalition was established before the pandemic, however, it now has an even more considerable role to play as the pandemic continues to impact people and their mental and physical health. Kendall also recalled one of the first instances when she realized she was having an anxiety attack. She went on to add that, “no one ever told me that i had anxiety. Maybe like, three or four years ago it came back completely full-on and i would have crazy panic attacks and finally kind of got the information that i needed about it.”

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she told gma host michael strahan that in joining kenneth, she hopes that people don’t feel as alone, to which kenneth added quote, “ this is frightening times. Everyone today is trying to make sense of it all. I think we’re all trying to put the pieces together.” kendall also kick-started a campaign on social media, called the #howareyoureallychallenge, asking fellow celebrities to share how they’re actually feeling.

Celebs Admit Their Private Personal Struggles With Mental Health.

In her post, she nominated justin and hailey bieber, her sister kim kardashian and the kardashians’ hair stylist and good friend jen atkins. The organization also launched a platform on howareyoureally.Org, where people can share their personal and mental health stories with an entire community.

Many other celebs have shared their stories on the platform including kesha, chris cuomo and debby ryan to name a few. So far, the campaign has received a ton of positive praise and support from fans and fellow celeb friends as they take part in the challenge in order to spread awareness for mental health. And if you guys feel the need to join in on the movement, be sure to use the hashtag #howareyoureallychallenge and visit howareyoureally.Org to read similar stories from real people who struggle with mental health every day. Just know you are not alone and we’ll all get through this! Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments about kendall’s new collaboration. 

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The origins of psychological problems in youth come from three sources inherited factors from parents psychological factors such as abuse neglect jail parents divorce and social failures such as poverty violence systemic racism systemic sexism these combined together and can lead to significant lifelong problems with mood anxiety and substance use difficulties these in turn can lead to lifelong problems achieving balance decreased productivity and decreased economic potential it's really important that youth have somewhere to turn therefore to get these problems sooner rather than later because 75% of all psychological problems manifest by the age of 25 unfortunately if you turn to your doctor looking for help .

often they don't know where to direct you or in the situation where they do you might be at the end of a very long line by the time you get through the door there may be a bewildering fragmentary patchwork of services this led to the national youth mental health foundation in australia known as headspace to create specific places where youth can go in a welcoming drop-in environment to address their concerns with their medical health with their psychological health with schooling and vocational counseling and to have questions about substance use answer that it's all under one roof this started in 2006 with 11 locations by 2013 there were 55 by the end of 2014 there will be 70 headspace locations by the end of 2013 100,000 youth been served 93% found the service extremely satisfactory 41,000 .

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youth were seen in 2013 alone this has caught the attention and the imagination of the gram back foundation which is a canadian based mental health foundation with a specific interest in youth and an innovative approaches to mental health they have partnered with the headspace creators to bring this model of care to canada so that no canadian youth needs to feel left behind anymore .

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