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kim kardashian west may soon be taking over the world of home decor .

kim kardashian west may soon be taking over the world of home decor as a major clue suggests that she could be expanding her empire.

kim kardashian west may soon be taking over the world of home decor .
 kim kardashian 

If you've ever been inspired by kim kardashian west simplistic and cream-colored interior decor well you may soon be able to live out your minimalistic dreams as she appears to be dropping a home decor line in the near future kim kardashian west has taken on the beauty shapewear fragrance and clothing world and just over the weekend people magazine shared online records that reveal .

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Kim has recently filed trademarks for kkw home which includes various household items that will be sold in many different retail stores when looking further into the details it was confirmed that the united states patent and trademark office's website shows that kim's the princess inc aka the official name of kim's corporation did in fact apply to trademark kkw home reports are claiming that kim is also looking to trademark the kkw home name with the intention of opening an actual brick and mortar store where fans can purchase her products instead of ordering online.

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Also found under the description the services chemist slated to feature include quote gifts general consumer merchandise bath and shower products and accessories bedroom furnishings and accessories and home furnishings and accessories more specifically under the new trademark kim will likely release household items including bath products storage organizational pieces and much more while kim has already obtained global success with kkw beauty and skims her leap into
the home decor .

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World doesn't come as a surprise since fans are especially curious about the inspiration behind her and kanye west's minimalist home interior which many say to be futuristic belgium's monastery kim has been known to show off different features of her and kanye's 60 million dollar mansion including her basin-less bathroom sinks to her massive refrigerators and perfectly organized pantry .

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She previously spoke out about the west home interior to architectural digest earlier this year saying quote the one thing that kanye and i had in common was our preference for a neutral palette i love the simplicity of the design everything in the outside world is so chaotic i like to come into a place and immediately feel the calmness unfortunately this home good line won't come with the fridge or the pantry.

But you may be able to reorganize with some clean cut kim inspired products although kim has yet to confirm the news this trademark filing could just be nothing but an idea for the time being kim's billionaire sister kylie jenner has also previously filed many just in case trademarks in many different categories including bed linens and wine but is yet to release any products of the sort this comes as an exciting new opportunity for kim as none of the kardashians have dabbled in the world of home decor however the news comes as more so ironic to fans one user wrote her home decor is lack of decor .

Another person shared a photo of kim's main entryway adding kim kardashian getting into home decor is a joke lol what furniture is she gonna sell me when her house looking like this however the world of home decor opens up many different categories of products and more specific interior pieces like curtains blankets and sheets to soap dispensers toilet paper holders and even laundry baskets so it seems this is a pretty smart business move for kim that has kris jenner
written all over .

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