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Marvel list what marvel movies are coming out in 2020 and 2023.

Wer are gonna be taking a look at some upcoming Marvel list movies the marvel cinematic universe is one of my favorite franchises out there .

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Marvel list 

I absolutely love every single one of the movies and i could happily rewatch them many times without getting bored however it would be nice to have some new movies so today i'm gonna be going over ten movies that are gonna be coming out within the next few years.

The top 10 things The Boys is based on a comic book series of the same name.

Black widow released in the us :

Number one first of all we have black widow who's finally going to be getting her own movie it's said to be released in the us on the 6th of november 2020.

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So we don't really have to wait that much longer scarlett johansson appeared in six marvel movies beginning with iron man 2 but she's never played lead black widow will appear in a prequel set after the events of captain america civil war but before fan ohs goes into battle with the avengers in infinity war black widow is essentially going to be on the run and she's going to be a fugitive this will all be because she decided to help captain america during civil war and travels to budapest to confront her secret past there she will end up meeting up with some assassins that were trained in the same program that she was trained in when she was a teenager they will all face off against the villain task maker who in the comic mirrors the fighting techniques of his opponents and trains.

The next generation of home consoles The biggest changes heads into .

Other super villains in hand-to-hand combat it should be a pretty awesome film and i can't wait for it.

The eternals marvel 12th of february :

Number two next we have the eternals which is gonna be released on the 12th of february in 2021 in the u.S. In the comics the turtles were created by a race called the celestials and they possessed cosmic powers they have powers like flight telepathy and manipulation of matter the eternals were given a task to protect the earth and this is basically what the movie will be all about another awesome sounding film.

Özcan deniz and i̇rem helvacıoğlu return to turkish screens with a beautiful love story.

doctor strange and the multiverses of madness :

Number three doctor strange and the multiverses of madness is going to be released on the 25th of march 2022 and this movie is going to be a sequel to doctor strange it sounds like the marvel cinematic universe is going to be introducing the multiverse with this movie benedict cumberbatch will return as his role as doctor strange so that's great to know previous marvel movies have poked at the idea of a parallel universe with different versions of hero's existing in them so it will be pretty cool to see this in a movie i'm actually very excited to see how it will all pan out .

Thor love and thunder comic :

Number four thor love and thunder is a new movie from the thor series that's gonna be coming out on the 5th of november 2021 there's apparently going to be a new thor in town and her name is jane foster .

She will be returning to the franchise to wield thor's hammer in the next movie chris hemsworth will also return as well as tessa thompson as valkyrie thompson actually said at comic con that her character valkyrie is a lesbian she says that the new ruler of asgard is looking for a queen in the next movie which will be an exciting twist to the story.

Are Hyun Bin and Ye Jin together we are finding out some hot clues

Black panther 2 auditions :

Number 5 black panther 2 is in the works and it's going to be released on the 6th of may 20-22 many of the actors we saw in the previous black panther movies are going to be returning along with chadwick boseman who played as the black panther himself apparently within the second movie we'll get to see a lot more of the other characters including black panthers genius sister shuri which i'm all for so i can't wait to see what happens .

Morbius marvel 
19th of march :

Number 6 morbius is gonna be released on the 19th of march 2021 and is going to be a part of the spider-verse jared leto who's already played as the joker for the dc movies is joining ranks with sony to play as a spider-man villain the movie will center around the character morbius and it said that michael keaton who played vulture in spider-man homecoming is going to appear in the movie as well this could potentially tie the two movies together which perhaps tells us that morbius will appear in the third spider-man film that would be awesome to see .

venom 2 official trailer
25th of june 2021:

Number 7 venom 2 is gonna be released sometime around the 25th of june 2021 and fans hope that tom hollands spider-man will show up in this movie seeing as though he didn't show up in the first venom film within the first venom film eddie brock became a man that was infected by an alien symbiote and turned into an antihero let's hope venom 2 will be better than the previous movie seeing as though it did get some
 critical reception .

Shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings :

Number 8 shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings is going to be released on the 12th of february and 2021 in the u.S. Shang-chi will be the first asian superhero to get a solo film in the marvel universe and that's great similarly you will play as the superhero who's best known for his role in cbs's sitcom kim's convenience the superhero will face off against a real mandarin and there will be a lot of action let's hope it's great.

Justice league heroes 2 dc named new list Good news for all fans

Captain marvel 2 the 8th of july in 2022:

Number 9 captain marvel 2 is set to be released on the 8th of july in 2022 in the us and brie larson will be returning as her role as one of the most powerful superheroes in the universe captain marvel made her debut in a movie set in the 1990s and we last saw her in avengers in game she was taking a break from patrolling the universe to help defend earth against thanos and it was absolutely amazing it's unclear whether the movie will take place between the events of captain marvel and end game or after thanos was defeated but still i'm really excited about it no matter the outcome.

The development of guardians of the galaxy 3:

Number 10 the development of guardians of the galaxy 3 has been a roller coaster for real we've been told different things left and right and it's hard to get your head around it the film was set to come out in 2020 but disney actually fired james gunn the director for the first two films so it was put on hold eight months after their initial decision disney had announced on march 15th that they had rehired gunn to direct the film hooray before gunn was rehired by disney though he signed with warner brothers to write and direct a suicide squad sequel marvel studios has agreed to begin the production of guardians of the galaxy 3 after gunn completes suicide squad but it's unclear when the movie will premiere we'll just have to wait for more information well that's all for today though would you think of this list let us know in the comments what you thought but with that being said this is the end of the video so i'll see you guys in the next one up next.

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