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Merve boluğur was seen with a boyfriend in bebek

Merve boluğur was seen with a boyfriend in bebek the day before. The actress attracted all the attention with her dress with a deep neckline.

Merve boluğur was seen with a boyfriend in bebek
Merve boluğur

Actress, who was shown with her boyfriend at a venue at answered merve bebek, drew attention with her red lipstick and a mini dress with a deep neckline.

While leaving the place where they stayed for half an hour, boluğur, who asked the waiter for the account and took out his credit card from his wallet, was prevented by his friend.

The player, who left the table while his friend was paying the bill, did not answer any questions from the reporters. The two got on the same motorcycle and walked away.

Is it true that çağatay ulusoy is preparing his new film as a director and scriptwriter? Is it true that merve boluğur will be his co-star? We became aware of some details of the new work of turkish stars! Will merve boluğur star in the çağatay ulusoy's movie?

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After çağatay ulusoy officially announced the preparation of a new film, in which he will be not only a leading actor, but also a director and scriptwriter, the turkish media started the usual paperwork, either declaring the film canceled before work began, or selecting a new co-star for the actor.

However, for the most part, turkish tabloids give fake news. As it became known, work on the movie is progressing according to plan, shooting will start next year.

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For now only the title of the film is known: free goldfinch / azadlık saka and the place of filming (the small town of kirklareli). According to information from sources close to the actor, the film is intended to be shown at festivals and most likely will not be released in cinemas.

This is a debut of çağatay ulusoy as a director and screenwriter. Of course, çağatay is a very big star in turkish show business, but this does not mean that millions of dollars can be entrusted to him for any serious full-length project as a director. He must prove that he can not only play in films, but also make films. Considering that the picture will be low-budget, all actors in the cast will not be very significant in the film business (no-names), therefore it is not worth making a special “noise” around the co-star.

Nevertheless, the press has already found a reason to make a fuss. According to the media, merve boluğur, known for previous work in the series little secrets and the magnificent century as nurbanu sultan will be the partner of çağatay.

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Recently, merve has decided to terminate the contract with the former acting agency. From now on, engin aykanat, who is also the manager of çağatay ulusoy and hazal kaya will represent her interests. Engin proposed merve to çağatay as the leading lady of the movie, and he agreed.

The actress is so happy about the new job that she considers that she caught a wave with her new partner. How trustworthy is the information of turkish tabloids is not yet known, but merve has already indicated engin aykanat as her manager on her instagram page.

Moreover, a young woman who was depressed for a long time, is very happy and enjoys life like never before. Perhaps this time the press did not deceive and merve boluğur will return to the screens in the project of çağatay ulusoy. We are following the development of events. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!

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