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Saint maud 2020 review horror movie brand new psychological horror thriller .

Saint maud 2020 review horror movie brand new psychological horror thriller  so does a24 & studiocanal uk have a terrifying psychological look at religion, starring morfydd clark & jennifer ehle, on their hands? Watch jared's saint maud movie review to find out all of his spoiler-free thoughts!

though a24 they're back at it they do a lot of weird things they specialize in horror and that's exactly what we watched today saint maude mod a newly devout hospice nurse becomes obsessed with saving her dying patient soul but sinister forces threaten her holy calling so is this new kind of psychological thriller horror film from a24 a must see.

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let's find out but before i get into my thoughts let me know what you guys thought of saint mod if you've seen this film or love a24 looking forward to it now let's get into some of the good so right off the bat i have to be clear i'm not the biggest fan of horror films but this movie saint mod steers a little bit more into a psychological thriller mixed with a couple other things and that's what i liked about this movie .

and i'm gonna give credit where credit is due rose glass who directed the saint mod movie and also wrote this movie does some fascinating work i mean obviously behind the camera there is very stylized shots there's almost this mixture of perspective dealing with that in this this film which ties into psychological thriller aspects but also kind of the shots of the characters this very much setting the tone close-ups of characters so you can't really feel what is around them .

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it is very much them and how they are feeling or how their perspective is playing off on the film or the frame of that shot so obviously the technical aspects she does a fantastic job with but getting into the story almost the genre of this movie it is a mixture of horror psychological thriller although almost a redemption art and it's almost diving into other things of a cloudy past a character study religious aspects is this a religious movie i think that saint maude again credit where credit do rose glass wrote this movie it is a conflicting almost wonderful mixture of all of these different genres .

because they play so well into one another that this isn't your typical horror film this is something different that steers into kind of again perspective of the film and i loved kind of how they toyed with you in certain scenes and how things kind of pop up and not exactly a jump scare but it is a well-deserved scare that also is a quick piece of the story almost a context clue into someone's past into what they're feeling how or what they're going to do in the next coming scenes so i think that not only written directed but this was a well well-crafted story and it's a very kind of toned down story with not that much cast i mean the two main people jennifer ill i believe um she's kind of like this uh ill out of her prime dancer who has this at-home nurse uh saint maude who is played by morrified clark.

i believe i'm probably pronouncing that wrong i'll put it right down here but she is the standout as saint mod very much this like at-home hospice nurse and it's her portrayal she's very much kind of like the shy almost mousey type character but also has this ferocious side to her and it's like the drop of a pin you don't know how this character is going to really react and the way that clark was able to portray this character she comes off as again like i said very kind of tame and she feels like she's friendly and approachable and has this great uh you know relationship with this essentially dying patient of hers.

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but she is able to use her skills as an actress to really flip the script and give you not the whole story to give you something that seems very much out of character but could be her character once more pieces of the movie fall into place and again i hate to be vague with this but there's certain aspects of this movie that you do not want to know about until the very end again everything that is done in this movie technical aspects the script the performances tie in with perspective it's stylized and there's a lot of symbolism here that again plays with bigger themes that are very much present in a24 films of you know the past and whatnot.

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now this movie saint mod i thoroughly enjoyed this but coming from a24 if you're not a familiar with a24 maybe a casual fan out there there is a bit of ambiguity ambiguity i i can't pronounce it that well in saint mod so if you're looking for some kind of concrete answers not really willing to jump into the details kind of figure things out for yourself this might not be the movie for you again it's not a big negative i'm just almost going to throw this out there as a disclaimer there is some elements of this film that very much kind of date take almost a little bit more deep dive on religion on perspective on almost character study of who saint maude is who this mod character is throughout this movie overall saint mod is a fantastical almost new structure of horror psychological thriller from a24 with rose glass absolutely knocking this one out of the park with stylized flavor a unique story performances that are top notch .

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and again almost being this mixture of a bunch of different genres but with a bit of ambiguity that's not gonna land with everyone i would highly recommend checking out saint mod again i'm not a big fan of horror films this was much different than your typical horror film and had a lot of unique almost hard-hitting deeper dive material that i was interested in in closing i'm going to give saint maude 4.2 out of 5 what the so what did you guys think of saint mod if you've already seen this one or now very much looking forward to it i want to know in the comments down below.

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