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Spontaneous (2020) Movie Review moving film that boasts one of the best screenplays of the year.

Today's movie is going to be spontaneous a a teenage rom-com with splatter brian duffield writer of the popular netflix movie the babysitter you've seen it and you really loved it .

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Spontaneous (2020) Movie

Um he adapts and writes the screenplay here but he also makes his directorial debut with spontaneous and spontaneous has it all it has that clever babysitter like snap dialogue and like that movie it also has a pocky premise falling in love in high school ain't so easy it's even less so .

When your high school classmates inexplicably start randomly popping like blood-filled balloons but love is spontaneous there is no rhyme or reason to when it will happen it's not on any time clock as seniors mara and dylan learn as their world people around them literally explode their love blossoms the first two-thirds of spontaneous really charm i was reminded of the movie anna in the apocalypse if you haven't seen it i recommend that as well but part of what made that movie work for me is you bought into the romance in spontaneous actors catherine langford and charlie plummer have a nice as pie chemistry .

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I mean just look at these two together they're so adorable they really are and you really come to care for them and you want both of them to make it to the end of the movie without popping so setting up the storyline and getting these two together is where duffel's script is at its best it's quirky it's breezy it missed all the bloody spontaneous human combustion and boy howdy is it bloody and not knowing who where or when it's gonna happen makes the movie all the more unnerving but after all that setup and momentum the movie gains the third act takes a tonal 180 shift it becomes thematically serious and it teeters on dark it's never fully explained why these teenagers are combusting that becomes extraordinarily thematically relevant and what the movie is ultimately about which is bad things happen and they happen randomly or spontaneously .

And in many cases we're helpless to stop it huh that's pretty heavy stuff especially to someone who who had who lost someone very dear and near to dear my heart the timing of this movie's release is uncanny we're in the midst of this worst worldwide pandemic where domestically over 200 000 people uh have lost their lives only exacerbates this movie's core admittedly i was shocked to realize how much i related to the story to be honest it wasn't an epiphany for me i didn't i didn't need it to literally explode in my face and i wondered if the movie could finally end as again still get point across the babysitter was able to pull it off all right i haven't had a good healthy conversation with a friend and colleague about the ending yeah he found it to be somewhat anti-climactic and was a bit disappointed it didn't explain anything i responded with well that was kind of the point at least the way that i interpreted .

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It that you don't know why the kids are exploding it is that why and why why that kid and not this kid why that boy not that girl or vice versa spontaneity happens every day it can be good falling in love it can be bad spontaneously combusting it's how we cope and continue to go on the message is there you'll either be gut punched by it or you'll brush it off listen i appreciate what duffield and company wanted to accomplish did the ends justify the means or could it have been accomplished where the means are still understood within the broad mayhem the movie opened up with my spontaneous reaction is i'd have liked it more if it had so in the end i give the movie three fingers or the movie was a-okay you should try to look for it check it out hit me up on twitter at dimitripanos so that's at d-e-m-e-t-r-i-p-a-n-o-s hit me up tell me your thoughts of the movie after you watch it .

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