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Cyberpunk 2077 is leaked in some markets that bothered the fans of the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 has caused a lot of controversy during the recent period due to repeated postponements that bothered the fans of the game after a wait of nearly 7 years but the biggest nightmare that could threaten the game and its fans is what happened today after the appearance of a large amount of copies leaked in the hands of some players weeks before the launch Date in weeks.

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Cyberpunk 2077

Since the early morning the pictures began to invade social media and the internet show that some players get the PlayStation 4 version of the game and shortly afterwards began videos from within the game spread on the internet which may cause (burning) a lot of the events of the game that we have been waiting for for years, Complete skill tree screenshots from the gameplay trailer.

This is literally the first time i actually get to see the true depth of this game and comparison to the role-playing game tabletop when it comes to augmentations and cybernetic upgrades.......... For those who have played a tabletop this is very important and for those who have never played a tabletop get ready for some serious fun I'm so happy this game is doing the right thing and keeping the most important parts about character creation and role-playing .

Until this moment a large number of videos have been dealt with online by the game developers in studio cd project but this will not prevent these videos from getting to you somehow so if you want to get an integrated experience free of (burning) we advise you to avoid surfing the internet in the coming days or if you are forced to do so browse them very carefully.

We hope that the nightmare (burning) of the game story will not be repeated as happened with the last of us 2 when the content of the game story was leaked to the internet and revealed a lot of sensitive scenes and events that caused (burning) its main story, Trailer shows how things are in night city, character customization, skills you can get in that game and so on.

You will see through the presentation some quick shots showing the way you play underwater, in addition to reviewing the video of some new enemies and other very impressive details, including robots, airports and many vital things that give the game life and continuity within the game, which will make you sink in full and not only integrate into it, which the studio was hiding in order to surprise its players with these detailed and elaborate ideas and the most wonderful.

Cyberpunk 2077 is coming to us on December 10th on the devices of the previous generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox one next to the pc version while the new generation version will be available sometime next year 2021 through a free upgrade to the owners of the current generation version.

The nice thing about the show is watching the way the character develops through the points you get through play, and your choices in the game will be crucial in order to determine the course of the story, and it seems to me that the life of gangs and mafia surrounds you from all directions, but will be part of your life as a player in cyberpunk 2077.

Finally, all players will be able to experience cyberpunk 2077 on december 10, when it is available on the platforms of the previous generation playstation 4 and xbox one next to the pc version, but if you intend to try it on the new generation will be through the feature of pre-compatibility at the beginning until the release of the custom version of these devices, which is supposed to arrive early next year 2021.

Who else is looking forward to cyberpunk 2077? 😁 have you seen the new gameplay trailer just released? 😉 let’s discuss in the comments 😁👍

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