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Myriam fares supports nancy ajram after nancy's publication.

Myriam fares supports nancy ajram: "the smell of corruption smells everywhere"

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Myriam fares supports nancy ajram

Lebanese artist myriam fares entered the front line, between lebanese artist nancy ajram and lebanese artist elissa, after nancy's publication, in which she criticized what was published in the episode honoring elissa that she is the first in numbers on social media, and clearly showed miriam's support for nancy against elissa, and she supported her words, and wrote: "unfortunately nancy we in lebanon, the smell of corruption, hypocrisy and nepotism reeks of all my dear..."

Nancy wrote on her own page: "they think that the polite man does not know how to respond to the polite no reply because it does not come down to the level of absurdity." "whether it's songs, videos, concerts, successes, or looks. Even in numbers, the story doesn't need to be calculator."

Elissa replied: "nancy's tweets may have been misconceived, or maybe she is upset about a particular topic, but this thing doesn't prevent nancy ajram from being a big star and we will keep competing with her and she is ahead of me because this is the honest competition."

"let me resolve the controversy from the other. Nancy, haifa, najwa, nawal and i are all stars, and we are all ahead of each other and we are racing in numbers and works, and this is an honorable competition and a proof of health in the artistic community. "we are in a situation where we all support each other in such circumstances, and plant love and a nice word, not like some of the extraneous people who are creating sedition."

Myriam fares releases her first video with her second child from her "mysterious" husband... Video:

Lebanese singer myriam fares on tuesday released the first video footage she has collected with her newborn son dave, who is her second son from her "mysterious" husband, whose identity has not yet been revealed.

The lebanese singer shared her first video with her new son on her official instagram page, with the words: "i live the most beautiful days of my life."

The video shows myriam fares with her new baby in her hand, hugging him and kissing him on the cheek.

A few days ago, the lebanese artist revealed an unexpected surprise as she gave birth to a second child named "dave", and faris posted a video via her own account on "twitter"

The video reveals the real date of the birth of myriam fares's second child, which is on october 20, although miriam hid the news of her pregnancy from everyone and moved away from her social media platforms, and also benefited from the procedures of home health isolation to prevent the outbreak of the coronavirus in hiding the news of her pregnancy.

Miriam has a son named jayden, and now has two young boys from her husband, who has not yet wished to be identified.

How did the stars react to the birth of mysecond child, miriam faris?

A number of stars congratulated the artist miriam faris after her mother had her second child "dave", which she gave birth on 20 th.

In the following lines, we review the stars who were keen to congratulate myriam fares on her second child:

Carmen suleiman

Artist carmen suleiman was keen to congratulate miriam faris on her second child through her instagram account, saying: "congratulations to god protect him and leave him for you."


Yemeni singer balqis also congratulated myriam fares on her baby on instagram, saying: "congratulations, dear, you are raised in your pride."

Maya diab

Maya diab also made sure to congratulate miriam via "twitter", saying: "as you said is the hardest year, but this moment is the happiest moment you wrote in your life for the second time, forget any difficulty in which you have been through or broth all the people around you, you gave you a new life and this is the most beautiful thing in the world, god giveyou health until you always stay alone."

Nancy ajram

Lebanese singer nancy ajram also congratulated miriam on her second child, saying: "congratulations, god bless them."


Tunisian star latifa congratulated miriam fares, saying: "a thousand congratulations are raised in your pride."

Nicole saba

Lebanese artist nicole saba blessed miriam on instagram, saying: "congratulations to my love miriam god bless him and give him good days and raise your pride"

Miriam faris has a child named jayden from her husband danny mitri.

Nancy ajram in a message to her audience after "to the female beirut": i did not mean to cry you:

Lebanese singer nancy ajram reacted to the reactions about her latest song "to beirut the female" in a tweet addressed to her followers when she wrote: "i didn't mean to kill you and no one was upset about you. I also cried a lot, who are gone a lot, every day we say goodbye, we are losing the best days of our lives and away from each other, but hope will exist and our love for our country every day will grow more and more. And for everyone and what forces us to leave. We'll be back."

Nancy ajram launched her latest song "to beirut the female", via her official youtube channel, days after she posted it to a musical application where she announced it through her official instagram account with part of the song.

It is worth mentioning that the song "to beirut the female", is based on the poem of the poet nizar qabbani "to beirut the female with my love", which he presented 39 years ago, specifically in 1981, as sung by many after the disaster of the recent beirut port explosion.

Lebanese star nancy ajram also revealed the date of the song's release in a tweet, in which she said, "to all lovers of beirut al-kattar and everyone who believes that beirut is not dying. Listen to my new song 7 pm lebanon time on all beirut music sites," she said in another tweet: "kona is not lebanon in it. It will remain impossible or impossible. Beirut."

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