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Nesrin Cavadzade Gökhan Alkan was not indifferent to the photo .

Nesrin Cavadzade Gökhan Alkan The home status of her lover was released on her social media account by nesrin cavadzade, who was with her husband gökhan alkan about two months ago. With thousands of comments, gökhan alkan had not been indifferent to the picture.

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Nesrin Cavadzade Gökhan Alkan

Nesrin cavadzade-gökhan alkan's relationship, which proclaimed its love which began with their followers in the same sequence, continues at a full pace.

The day before, cavadzade exchanged with his pet a photograph of his lover gökhan alkan. The notice "you will always stand on your own feet in life" was posted by cavadzade.

Friends of the couple said to the frame, 'you are going to get cold.' "10 thousand steps a day protect our hearts" gokhan alkan, who attracts notice with his muscles. Thousands of messages have been created in the photograph of alkan, it has been a social networking agenda.

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