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This Story Behind Game Of Thrones Like Games Will Haunt You Forever!.

 If you are a got fan you can search for games to play instead. 

If you're a fan of game of thrones, these games will make it very easy to improve your knowledge/skill in this specific area.

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Game of thrones like games

Game of thrones fans are expected to enjoy these famous video games, after television is the most popular source of knowledge and entertainment for culture, thousands of shows have emerged all around the planet. 

These are our five picks for those looking to play games similar to dark souls 3.

The hbo show "game of thrones" further boosted the popularity of online streaming as cable networks increased and the audience continued to increase. A small number of tv shows are remembered for perpetuating cultural trends. "game of thrones" is one of those tv shows.

This audience have a vast range of action rpg titles from which to select. If you are a fan of game of thrones, these are some of the bestselling video games based on the show. There are an abundance of video games to choose from if you are looking for a fantasy storytelling fix.

The best games to play if you like game of thrones :

1-telltale's game of thrones

Firstly, it delivers improved plot content than prior offerings. And ultimately, it's a worthy companion to the show. In spite of its deviations from the fictional storylines of martin and the hbo series, telltale still manages to tell an intriguing story. 

Telltale games is a game developer which created a game series based on an hbo television series named, "game of thrones" in 2014. The game was officially announced on twitter on december 8th, 2013[4] and then released on december 2nd, 2014 on pc/mac and consoles in 2014 for each platform. 

This story can be seen as setting up the potential story of telltale.

Decisions you make will have a significant impact on the whole game; therefore, these decisions will feel crucial. Telltale's efforts should have been more acclaimed because it is one of the best titles from telltale.

2-fable ii

When it comes to open world action rpgs, fable ii is one of the stronger titles. It was released in 2008 for xbox 360. Praised by both gamers and critics, it had a few annoying bugs and glitches. The story centered around a would-be hero training to save his homeland from an evil threat. The majority of rpgs can be summarized by that description. 

Fable ii has solid gameplay that is well-made and fascinating. The mixture of guns, magic and melee fighting keep the battles interesting in fable ii. Fable ii was a prequel and the sequel to fable. It was released in america on october 21, 2008 and in the uk on october 24, 2008. As of november 12, 2015, fable ii is available on xbox one.

3- kingdom come: deliverance

But while we would like to imagine we are as big as jaime lannister, the overwhelming majority of us would actually end up as hot pie. Kingdom come: deliverance is as authentic as it gets with a nicely developed and extremely challenging combat system. 

This game also emphasizes personality and relationships with great abilities. The kingdom come: deliverance was notable for its high level of historical accuracy and authenticity. 

Initially, the number of potential customers for this game was not so good because of its somewhat hard learning curve. However, once players get the hang of it, it is very hard to put away the controller. 

Kingdom come: deliverance is an adventure-driven open world rpg set in the holy roman empire. 

Bohemia was a place that was rich in culture, silver, and sprawling castles. The killing of its beloved ruler, charles iv, has plunged the kingdom into great times of disorder and confusion.

4- the witcher 3: wild hunt

Before the show was published, people had no idea what the witcher was. This was a tv series first, then a video game series, and before that, a book series. Besides, no one is here to hear the names of the books. This is agreed to be one of the best in video game franchise; the witcher 3: wild hunt. 

Let's play the witcher 3: wild hunt - one of the top acclaimed games of 2015. Included together with all expansions and additional content." 

The witcher 3: wild hunt gained the acclaim of over 250 awards after its release. Now you can enjoy this open-world game without having to worry about the extra 50 hours of gameplay that the three story-driven downloadable additions offer. This edition includes all new extras including weapons, armors, companion outfits, side quests, etc.

5-dragon age: inquisition

The dragon age series is one of the greatest adventure role-playing games in the history of videogames. This also holds true in the third game in the series, inquisition. 

Before anthem, bioware was an acclaimed studio for making hits such as mass effect and dragon age. The team had learned how to expertly craft action-packed rpg titles. 

For players who are familiar with the lore of the dragon age universe, "thedas" was the sequel they needed. In this way, players' character is built from scratch and gets to rise to the role of the inquisitor. 

The superhuman control of the game by the players blew them away. For fans of "game of thrones", dragon age: inquisition provides the political intrigue seen in its series. 

Enter thedas, a world of misty wilderness, perilous passages, and shining towers. In dragon age, there is war in the old and new world. Today, humanity could be on the brink of destruction. 

Thedas needs a hero who they don't expect to see coming. Organize a positive community of people facing the society's storm. Characters include action, drama, comedy, and a little bit of romance. Inspire the people with your selfless acts of kindness.

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