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7 Benefits Of Ariana Grande LOVE LETTER That May Change Your Perspective.

Ariana grande  fans are convinced that ariana grande’s new ‘positions’ songs are a love letter to her fiancé dalton gomez. Let’s get into it! In case you missed it, ariana grande’s positions album is the gift that just keeps on giving.

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7 Benefits Of Ariana Grande LOVE LETTER That May Change Your Perspective.

While it originally came out in october 2020, this week, ari dropped the deluxe edition of her sixth studio album and it included five additional tracks,the singer has posted a new video directed by dave meyers this day. Ariana grande went from pop star to chair for the new album, roles. The singer of the white house at 27, flanked by a band of all-female helpers, winds across the halls.

Dalton gomez  the new songs are the recently released "34+35 remix" with doja cat and megan thee stallion, "someone like u (interlude)," "test drive," "worst behavior," and "main thing." and after listening to the new songs, many arianators are totally convinced the new tracks are about her fiancé dalton gomez,she is at once seating within the oval office for documents, so that grande can be seen in different parts of the white house - including a bedroom, a corridor and even the kitchen - before kicking back and setting her foot on her desk.

Ariana grande shop  ari and dalton announced their engagement back in december and have been an item for around a year now. And as their time together gets longer and longer, they haven’t been afraid to show some love on social media, and fans think these new songs are no different,the video also includes a grande's dog cameo that walks around the white house rasen. Positions is a song of affection about the desire of grande to delight her partner.

1-Ariana grande concert people have been pointing to her new song “someone like u” writing things like “well we all know someone like u is definitely about dalton.” and while this track is only 16 seconds long, ariana makes it clear she’s been waiting for him for a long time. So let’s take a look at some of the lyrics,adjust the places, cook in the kitchen and i'm in the bedroom and i'm at the olympics, how i hop through hoops" says grande on the lane, the real estate agent from the city of los angeles dalton gomez.

2-Ariana grande hair  in the song ari sings “i've been waiting for someone like you. Baby this time please don't be too good to be true." how sweet! But that’s not all. Arianators also pointed out some references to dalton in the song “worst behavior.” at one point in the song, ariana sings, "no phone, no pics, no postin us. This love just ain't disposable." and at another point in the song, the lyrics go, “this ain’t no game won't play witcha,it is the first song from your next sixth album, which will be announced next week. It's currently untitled. Earlier this week, grande's new album, thank u next, landed in february last year and overtook carts worldwide, both in the uk and in the us.

3-Ariana grande and pete davidson there is always tale of the ariana grande and pete davidson. We still know their romance about the whirlwind. Apparently from nowhere again in 2018, the songstress of god is a lady and the comedian saturday night life were head-to-head. They stayed and lived together in a million-dollar raise in new york city, long before we could get used to the thought, this time i know i'll stay witcha.” after listening to the track, fans couldn’t contain their excitement over her love for dalton. They started tweeting things like, “did anyone actually listen to the lyrics for worst behavior. Like it’s literally about her and dalton. She’s talking about how he should say “i do” and they are engaged, she’s saying to not post any photos and to keep their life personal life private.”

4-Ariana grande ponytail without her iconic high ponytail that lead down her back, pop star ariana grande is barely seen. She is almost unrecognizable in unusual cases when she tells the style. According to the actress, the now famous ponytail began to wear the bleach-damaged hair as a casual look, ok while those were both sweet, fans are convinced that literally every new song is about dalton, so let’s move onto “main thing.” this fan took to twitter and wrote quote “main thing: u can tell this song is about dalton and i find it adorable. The beat is great for this song. The background and normal vocals r exquisite (per usual). The second verse is my fav part. It overall shows her love for dalton and i think they’re cute asf as a couple.”

5-Ariana grande and justin bieber the partnership ariana grande only confirmed with her new partner. In her video of "stark with u" her latest duet justin bieber, ariana grande recently announced her friendship with real estate agent dalton gomez, so let’s talk about some of the lyrics, they seriously couldn’t be cuter. Ari sings, “always pull up when i call you, call you. Yeah, you never keep me waiting, waiting. Got me tripping. I adore you, i adore you. Oh baby. You, oh you're really different baby. You, you might be the main thing baby.” clearly these two are extremely in love and we couldn’t be happier for ari! In “test drive” ariana also sings about how she'll "never leave from by your side" and how she's "a ride or die." and as for the new 34+35 remix, well, i don’t think we need to explain that one for you, just do the math… literally.

6-Ariana grande disney ariana grande-butera is an american actress and musician, known for playing victorious's nickelodeon tv series, sam & cat, grande has also been working on soundtracks. On the we love disney album she performed another hercules single "zero to hero" and recently the soundtrack of charlie's angels. The film hercules will be an outstanding version of disney's live-action movies, the best of grande's 13 on 30 august, bruce almighty and american beauty (along with many other classics). Grande used to collect animals, hockey pucks and masks for halloween. The seahorse is her dream breed.


7-All in all, we love how strong Ariana and Dalton’s love is and we truly can’t wait for their wedding! And we love that the Positions album just keeps coming through with more and more If you want more on Ariana and Dalton’s relationship, click right over here for another Clevver News video. Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of the new Positions tracks. Are you convinced they’re all about Dalton? 

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