The famose actor of the çukur series and ultimately the sen çal kapımı series, bige önal, who stood before the audience with aras bulut ostensibly, chose to end their 6-year relationship. After the renowned pair had decided, many people wanted an explanation to whether aras bulut alone and bige önal had disbanded.

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Aras bulut iynemli and bige önal broke up.

Bige önal and aras bulut – both significant personalities in movies and television – chose to terminate their 6-year romance. The decision to separate the couple who just enjoyed a vacation in göcek was on the magazine agenda just like a bomb.


Bige önal had replied in the last several days to his query on marriage, which journalists put, "you continue to raise the same issue.

Who's aras bulut, how old is aras bulut? Actress aras bulut iynemli boyfriend bige önal is under investigation. Aras bulut iynemli's biography and his lover's life storey, bige önal is in our news. Aras bulut iynemli was born in 1990 in istanbul to study aeronautic engineering at the university of technology in istanbul and graduated from the beşiktaş anatolian high school. Bige önal came to life in istanbul on 1 february 1990. She's the daughter of former footballer erhan önal from galatasaray.


Aras bulut iynemli, who was born in istanbul in 1990, studied aeronautics engineering at technical high school istanbul and is a beşiktaş anatolian graduate. The tv show 'so bir passing time ki,' in which he portrayed the mete akarsu character in 2010-2013, was famous for iynemli who first debuted in front of a camera with arka sokaklar's tv series.

In the tv series "the magnificent century," between 2013 and 2014, he portrayed the part of šehzade bayezid. She shared her leading role in the 2015 tv series maral alongside hazal kaya. In the 2015-2016 tv series "france," he portrayed umut/role. Mert's the character of yamaç in the "pit" range continues to be depicted by aras bulut identinemli.