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Jessie j over 'bang bang' engagement! Nicki minaj corrects.

After jessie j debuted her rendition of her song "bang bang," nicki went to television to clarificate that it wasn't the way she recalled things between herself and ariana grande. Let's go into that.

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Jessie j over 'bang bang' engagement! Nicki minaj corrects

Let's get into that. If you missed it, jessie j sat down earlier this week to discuss the popularity of her single bang bang for an interview with glamour. In 2014, bang bang bang was one of the biggest singles of the year, thanks to jessie j, ariana grande and nicki minaj. 

Since then, over a billion views of youtube have drawn up, and jessie has expressed how pleased she was to say: 'thank you and, honestly, female power experience. Since "moulin rouge," there wasn't a major female song that truly hit that way." jessie also spoke about her interpretation of bang bang's tale of how it became. "bang bang was already a song that existed, she told glamour. Bang bang, i did not write. 

Max martin composed bang bang, and it was performed by ariana, it was played, and both of us liked it. We asked, "why are we both not doing this?" jessie explains then that nicki minaj heard the song and, after hearing the music, they quote "didn't go and beg her to be there; she wanted to." jessie mentioned in her interview how she spoke to ari lately and hoped they could all cooperate once again. But as the song came to be, nicki and she seemed to have been on rather different pages. 

After this interview came out with glamour, nicki uploaded a picture of the statement from jessie to twitter stating, 'i have to jump at that,' regarding nicki's listening to the song. Nicki explained the phrase, "babe @jessiej i haven't heard the song and i haven't asked 2get about it. The label requested me to do so and compensated me for it. How'd i hear this song? What am i the goddamn music monitor, chiiille? For chilli tunes, snoopin around?" "this was also stated by another singer lately," added nicki. 

This was not the first time someone got their tale incorrect. Her message ended with "yall must stop," but jessie finished by adding a "love u." and people shared their views regarding nicki's social media reaction to jessie. Certain people believe that nicki did not attempt to get started, she simply explained herself and shared her tale version. But some called nicki out like this, who stated "she may be a dm girl" and "she didn't mean that nicki, you know..." meanwhile, other fans were thrilled that nicki, jessie and ariana were working together on a tune again. 

Nicki ended up re-tweeting a fan again and he said "baku @jessiej had a radio programme interview back in the day. The label did ask @nickiminaj is concluded to be on the song. I don't want to go!" nicki said that she wants to write another song by jessie j "the worst thing about it's that no1 i've been requested by jever to get 2 into the "like a guy." i heard that. I heard it. I did marketing in great britain and heard it on the radio. It was written by my artist parker co. For some pickle juice, i would have jumped on that 1. So obviously nicki loves the music of jessie. They have simply two distinct interpretations of the tale of bang bang. 

Is ariana going to be the tie breaker and give her memory of how everything has gone? If we hear anything regarding this issue, we will keep you updated. But, if you want more on what jessie j stated in her interview with glamour, go here to go to another video for clevver news. Also, let us know what nicki, after hearing about jessie j's interview, thinks you explain her side of this tale.

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