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Rihanna value is $1.7 billion, making her the world's richest women artist.

Rihanna informed us that she called the shots all along. Collect money from all kinds of individuals out there. Now the singer, comedian, cosmetics and lingerie entrepreneur turned out to be a millionaire. 

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Rihanna value is $1.7 billion, making her the world's richest women artist.

The overwhelming majority of them surprisingly have nothing to do with their record successes. Indeed, almost — about 1.4 billion $ — one lipstick, mascara tube and the blush brush have been collected at a time: the cash came from their fenty beauty maquillage line, which was started in 2017 as a 50-50 collaboration with the luxury brand lvmh.

When the company initially revealed and praised the bold move of adding 40 colours of foundation, covering deep skin colour with albino skin, and anybody between them, the conventional cosmetic industry norms were buckled. Increasing integration inside the industry was the strategy. The movement. Not only that, she's become "the world's wealthiest female musician and oprah's second-largest female performer," forbes said. 

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Forbes claims that the remainder of the wealth of rihanna comes from her ownership in her lingerie business savage x fenty. The estimated value is 270 million dollars. There's also fenty skin who made her debut last year and, obviously, her constant stream of worldwide singles and her performing career are the income.

The magazine, which has examined the figures behind the empire of the barbadian singer, puts its net value at a hefty 1,7 billion dollars. Bad girl riri's admirers enjoyed the news of her great richness, including some of her fellow musicians. "there is a billio-on, there a billi-on- little bajan bih w/ green (eyes) - dat bag's a different size," nikki minaj said in an instagram picture. 

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Rihanna, whose whole name is robyn rihanna fenty, has been releasing an album for almost five years. Nobody appears to know when r9, her reported and long-awaited reggae album would release, not even her record company. The fans are going to have to deal with a new product range for now. Rihanna informed her fans on twitter about getting ready for fenty parfum last week.

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