The first trailer for üç kuruş, show tv's new series, has been published.

Following the success of the series çerde and ukur, ay yapm will return to the public with the series üç kuruş. The first trailer for the highly anticipated üç kuruş series, starring ekin koç and uraz kayglarolu, has also been published.

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Series three cents üç kuruş first trailer has been released.

The filming of 'three kurus,' directed by sinan ztürk, has recently begun, in which uraz kayglarolu and ekin koç, one of the most successful performers of the past time, met, and whose storey was written by damla serim and murat uyurkulak. He initially encountered the viewers in the series' first trailer.

The pursuit game between kartal, the mafia boss and "protector" of ngrakl, a colourful roman neighbourhood with distinct personalities and strict laws, and efe, the wild and undisciplined organized bureau commissioner, is turned upside down by a murder investigation. The pathways they travel in order to apprehend the murderer will lead them to a name they will never predict. 

The first promotion pits the boss of the roman mafia, kartal, against the commissioner efe in the organized branch.

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The üç kuruş series will premiere on show tv on mondays soon.