The new ada masal (island of tale) 18th episode teaser has been published! In the last episode, when poyraz mysteriously vanishes following a traffic accident, everyone on swallow island mobilises. What will happen on the october 19th episode?

Star tv has added a new show to its ambitious lineup. The series "ada masal" has received a lot of attention due to its theme and performers. Every tuesday night, new episodes of the series starring ayça ayşin turan and alp navruz are shown.

Ada masal, a stunning new romantic summer series by ay yapm that will warm your heart, brightens up the screens this summer. Since the series' first appearance, the subject and actors have piqued the public's interest. This strange wait is finally ended. Ali bilgin directs, and yeşim tak and yelda erolu write the script. Here is ada masal's 18th episode trailer and episode description.

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Everyone on swallow island is mobilised after poyraz mysteriously vanishes following a car accident. To discover the injured poyraz, mountain and stone will be explored. Even if haziran is enraged or upset, she can't bear the thought of poyraz being injured and hiding someplace. She tries everything she can to find him safe and sound.

Haziran is a true city girl, committed to her profession and the fast-paced lifestyle of istanbul. She can't fathom living any other way, but when her business sends her to a secluded aegean island to pave the way for a new resort, one miscalculation alters her life forever! Poyraz is a simple man who prefers nature over humans. Poyraz, who is athletic and resourceful but socially shy, likes the solitude and quiet of his little olive oil plant on a lovely plot of land. Unfortunately, it is just where haziran's firm intends to construct its resort.

When haziran and poyraz meet, sparks fly, and the two polar opposites fall in love before haziran discovers it's poyraz's land she's been sent to obtain. Haziran destroys a young man's life without realising it. Poyraz's plant is soon closed, his aspirations are dashed, and the entire town confronts an uncertain future.

Meanwhile, haziran's life is turned upside down as her mother faces losing the family home. To set things right, the remorseful city girl must join forces with her nature guy to create their own boutique hotel, which will rescue poyraz's olive oil mill and her mother's home. The event changes both haziran and poyraz, as each learns something new and unexpected from the other.