Turkish series, destan (the epic) synopsis and cast: ebru sahin, a well-known turkish actress, is back on the big screen with a new ambitious turkish tv drama called destan (saga).

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 Ebru sahin new legend series destan saga as akkız epic.

The actress remained silent following her most recent tv appearance in hercai, a popular turkish tv drama that aired in 2019 and 2021. The actress gained a large following for her performance as reyyan in the series.

The internet is buzzing over the upcoming destan (the epic) series on atv. While the first destan promotion is being published, the subject and actors of the destan series are also being examined. Akkz's bravery and love will be recounted in the epic saga. Our news section contains all information about the epic series starring ebru ahin, selim bayraktar, and edip tepeli.

Many viewers have already begun looking for any information about the upcoming tv show. What is destan's (saga's) backstory? Who are the series' actors and actresses? When and where can i catch up on the show? These are the primary questions raised by the audience.

Atv is getting ready to launch a new series. The first promotion for mehmet bozda's series destan (the epic), directed by emir khalilzadeh and written by nehir erdem and ayşe ferda erylmaz, has been published.

Trt 1 is preparing to introduce its new series destan to its audience (saga). The series was originally titled akkz destan (akkz saga). However, the name was eventually changed to destan by the producers.

As a result, the turkish tv drama will depict the love tale of a young girl and the son of a khan. The series' plot, on the other hand, takes place in the 9th century, before the turks adopted islam. So, when does the epic series begin?

The epic love between akkz, the famous warrior mountain girl orphaned by gök khan korkut khan on the harsh central asian steppes, and gök tegini batuga, who was orphaned by korkut khan in the gök palace; it is about the love of these two odd birds and their accomplishment of the impossible.

The series, which was originally titled akkz epic before being renamed destan, would follow the love tale of a young girl and the son of a khan. The series is set in the ninth century, prior to the turks' acceptance of islam.